#906 – lotta weird energy

A low-key page with a lot going on. This is an obvious next step after our hero has been warned not to call up a friend - now we have some danger! But I wanted the announcement of Gwen's pregnancy to pull things back, to start the wheels turning in Eve's head that maybe she hasn't been the most attentive friend. Why would she be invited if she doesn't even know?

The comment about the sick crew is a reference to the bohemian clique in Thomas Pynchon's "V.". The names are a bit of meta commentary for someone who might just casually glance at OP and not be able to tell the characters apart. And "Meredith" is a little jab at the common mix-up between my name and Marigold's, and the tiny internal panic I felt over that, wondering if I was projecting too strongly onto that particular character.

9 thoughts on “#906 – lotta weird energy

  1. We're all just out here looking for our hair ladies and angry boys.

  2. I really enjoy how Greg's listing off Eve's "tight" friends — which include a broken up couple who don't really talk anymore, a set of longtime friends who had a huge blowout and don't talk anymore, an ex-boyfriend to whom one of the blowout friends no longer talks after she puked on his crotch, etc — just further drives home that Eve is completely out of touch with the set of friends to which Greg belongs. He doesn't even know how much her other group has splintered.

    Side note: I'm sure there's an obvious answer to this but for some reason I can't figure out who "Hair Lady" is.

    1. Jane, maybe??

      1. I don't think Greg ever met Jane, did he?
        Also wondering who 'hair lady' is…

    2. I'm guessing he thinks Marigold with dreds is a different person than sans-dreds "Meredith."

    3. No I think that he thinks Marigold with her dreadlocks is a different person then Marigold post haircut

    4. I assumed "Hair Lady" is Jane.

  3. I really like the completion of Greg’s character arc in these pages. For a lot of the series he’s seen as a childish version of Park, but here he actually surpasses him in my opinion. He’s more engaged and introspective, and he handles this sensitive subject with the maturity and grace Park failed to. He’s able to gauge Eve’s emotions and adjust accordingly, being a good friend with no ulterior motive. Park has the look of adulthood, but in the end Greg is the one who actually grew up.

    1. That analysis is incisive as hell!

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