#904 + 905 – knowing

I was mixing a few of my thoughts on friendship into this one, even as it builds on the world of the characters. There's the continuation of this idea that Knowing rarely comes from advice, that really knowing comes from inexorable consequence. Real heads know it! I was also still exploring this idea that internet friendships aren't exactly real, that favs and RTs (and hell, cancellation) will always come from someone who's only getting a partial story. If we want to be known, we'll surround ourselves with a few good people who don't indulge our every thought. The question then is, do we want to be known? It's not easy - especially when we frame our lives a certain way, and ask leading questions. But Eve and Jane have been comrades in this fight for a while, maybe even from the instant they met.

I think I effed the gag with Marigold dusting the vase. I meant to show her snooping in on what is clearly a juicy conversation.

12 thoughts on “#904 + 905 – knowing

  1. For what it's worth, Mar 100% landed as eavesdropping to me.

  2. Where is the smoke in the first panel coming from?

    1. smoking weed through a toilet paper roll "filter" looks like..

      1. Looks like a vape pen to me.

        1. specifically a PAX which I think were very trendy around this time

          I could easily be wrong

    2. I think it was mentioned in the original strip that it was a vape, that Jane was holding. Since she knows Mar hates that she smokes cigarettes.

  3. Is that Prospect Park? I've found isolated places there and cried my eyes out too.

  4. Oh maaaannn all these years, I thought the joke was just that she's anal about cleaning. WOOPS. And thanks.

    But don't mind me, I miss super obvious jokes all the dang time.

  5. Loved Jane pointing out Mar's eavesdropping – endung her smug satisfaction at being right about Eve's bad decision.

  6. Oh, I definitely understood that joke as an eavesdropping joke the first time round. Maybe because I'm guilty of dusting the same vase three times to listen to a juicy conversation?

  7. wisdom bitch wannabe

    I loved the visual of Jane wrapped up snug and cozy in one of the symbols of her relationship with Mar. Very Wisdom Bitch of her. 😉

  8. sounds old? more like cold! Mar must like to blast the AC in her lil studio 🙂

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