#904 + 905 – knowing

NEW YORKERS -- I'm having a release party for Octopus Pie Volume 4 this Wednesday! It will be at: Wednesday, May 25th: 6:00-9:00pm Creations Gallery 89 Avenue C New York, NY Facebook event page is here -- RSVP and tell your friends! There'll be snacks, drinks, signing, original art to peep! Feel free to bring anything you might want signed as well. For the rest of y'all: Volume 4 is out in comic shops May 25th! Tell your local retailer you WANT IT! I'm very proud of this book and I think you will like it too.

44 thoughts on “#904 + 905 – knowing

  1. the pain of knowing man. It is the worst.

  2. I really love the casual yet exciting pace of this comic….
    But seriously Mar, that vase is real ugly.

  3. Hey, is Volume 4 new material not collected in No Stars in Brooklyn, Listen at Home, and Dead Forever?

    1. Yes! All completely unpublished.

      1. Alright!

        *buy buy buy*

  4. Is that a Hudson's Bay blanket!? I didn't know they were a thing outside of Canada.

    1. haha I'm glad someone else caught that..!

    2. Apparently they're marketed as Pendleton blankets in the US, which used the classic HBC stripes for the a blanket celebrating Glacier National Park. I'm guessing it's some kind of partnership, but don't really feel like digging into it now.

    3. omg Jane wrapped in their love blanket http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-11-09/844-what-was

      Also I reread the Jane-Marigold arc to get to this page and it took me on an emotional journey. Again.

      1. Shit, how did I forget that.

    4. I still have one from my childhood umpteen decades ago. My parents probably bought it when they lived in Madison/Minneapolis. That's practically Canada, doncha know.

  5. I love how kind of frumpy mar looks in this comic. The way you really do look when you are just hanging around with your significant other alone. I feel like we don't see that kind of representation of un-made-up-ness in comics because those kind of changes are subtle.

    1. Hahahaha I was so confused about who it was, I thought it was someone's mom at first. Nope, that's just home!Mar and I love it.

    2. Marigold is SUCH A MOM.

  6. inb4 Will

    1. I see what you did.

    2. yeah, hopefully a vibrator will be, for all our sakes

  7. I like how this page is set up- with the open fields, + lots of bright colors.
    It sort of gives the audience the feeling of: Well, now Eve has new stuff opening up to her. Lots of new spaces, and bright colors.
    Things won't be happy all of the time, but there are lots of new spaces and bright colors, for her to explore. 🙂

    1. And it's interesting to compare the detail of this page with the relatively simple block colour backgrounds of the page before! In fact, in page 899, when Park mentions he's been in New York for a while now, that's the point where the background shifts from detailed cafe to block colour.

      The block colours seem more to be a parallel with the raw, all-encompassing emotions of the peak of the argument in the cafe.

  8. Looks like Marigold listened to some of the reader's advice about better space use 😀

  9. Jane shouldn't let the weed burn like that she's going to gunk up her Pax.

  10. Daaaaaaaamn, busted. The gig is up.

  11. Jane: Hey, word of advice, just don't sleep with a friend.
    Eve: Duh! Haha…
    Jane: Not even Will.
    Eve: Obviously!
    Jane: I'm not kidding Eve, don't do it.
    Eve: I won't!
    **Next comic: Eve and Will bone down.

  12. Sorry, but what is Jane holding?

    1. A vape. Marigold had a problem with her smoking, so this is their compromise. (That or Jane's in the process of quitting.)

      1. Thank you! Never seen one.

  13. i love the juxtaposition of the couple that has learned to compromise and face each other's flaws (marigold's neat mercurial tidiness and jane's use of a vape instead of lighting up), and the dissolution of park/eve since he never wanted to budge an inch for eve, but expected her to change to keep up with him.

    1. Is that Marigold? I thought that Jane was luxuriating in the apt after Marigold went to work and is making sure the cleaning service is doing a good job.

    2. That's a wonderful observation 🙂

  14. god, these panels are the cutest! gotta love the buddha jane

  15. ahhhh the wisdom bitch tables have turned

  16. this page made me realized how i loved the blanket back on the other page! 🙂
    blanket for preside-… oh sorry, bad joke atm.

  17. That's right, Eve went to the Botanical Gardens by her goddamn self. Fuck you, Park.

    1. Oh, crap, is that where she is? I thought it was just a random park she decided to walk off too! This totally gave this page WAY more meaning than it already did, hot damn o.o

    2. Every time I see people comment on the real-world locations it makes me super jealous of NYers and really antsy to visit.

      1. samesies except for me I will not be content with a visit I must MOVE THERE

  18. Pax gold vape FTW

  19. I note that green remains the color of regret.

  20. Bit off topic, but does anyone else have any issues with getting the comic to load properly on a tablet and also know how to fix the issue? I'd love a leisurely re-read of everything, which definitely requires a tablet and a couch, but whenever I try to bring the comic up on mine it always scrunches it off into the upper left corner (whether in landscape or portrait). When I touch the comic, it will temporarily fill the entire screen, but as soon as I lift my finger it reverts to being back in the corner. Thanks for any help =)

    1. try a different browser like chrome or Firefox, and make sure in the settings that you're not zoomed out. If that doesn't help then try and clear the browsers cookies, cache, and history, that could do something.

    2. I noticed that too on mine. If you zoom in just a bit it should fill your screen. That works for me.

    3. It was weird on a tablet I used as well, loading in the comic completely and then displaying a broken image icon. I was using an iPad with a fairly recent but out of date version of iOS. Dunno what to say, other than you're not alone!

  21. "Experience over abstraction, bruh."

    This. So much this.

  22. When I read Eve talking about how she didn't use to cry as much, it reminded me of that Peter, Bjorn and John song:

    "And the question is, was I more alive than I am now?
    I'd happily have to disagree,
    I laugh more often now,
    I cry more often now,
    I am more me"

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