#9 + 10 – our song

7 thoughts on “#9 + 10 – our song

  1. Ok I’m a little confused here. Is this a flashback or a flash-forward?

    1. Yeah I still am not entirely sure, but they’re not wearing wedding rings in the fight scene which makes me think maybe it’s a flash forward.

      1. I’m inclined to think so too.

    2. This is definetly a comedically ironic flash-forward on the heels of that vicious fight. Larry and Hanna are a very hot/cold couple seemingly (Eve comments a little later “if they’re still married in a month” to further infer as much). Some pages earlier, Larry remarks “I don’t know what this(relationship) IS”, which wouldn’t reallly be something you say if you had already decided to get married.

    3. Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudsworth III

      Y’all see Eve’s baby? Definitely a flash forwards.

      Both Hannah and “Lawrence” were left emotionally stunted from their 20s. Larry never let himself get attached, Hannah let herself get TOO attached. Both tried to remedy this by flipping to the opposite extreme.
      In a way, their baggage meshes. I can understand how each would have helped the other work through their problems through the combination of conflict and love.

  2. Ok. So, they’re the pedal to the metal kind of couple when it comes to emotions. Okay.

  3. Hannah and Larry are totally that couple that gives you whiplash, aren’t they? Well, at least life with them will never be boring!

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