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  2. I like the bowl of condoms in panel #1.

  3. oh, Eve…. oh man, I've got a baaad feeling about this. :

  4. I'm confused about this pap smear.. I've never been told "no tampons, no sex for a week" after one. Nor have they used iodine.

    1. I think she got a colposcopy, which is where they go in and check for/remove abnormalities from your cervix. I've had two, they suck.

      1. I just googled it and it can be used to diagnose genital warts/HPV


        1. HPV can cause cervical cancer in women, so if you test positive for that during a regular pap then they will want to do a colposcopy ASAP to check for that. Of course, you can get an abnormal pap result without having STIs, too. 🙂

          There's really no good way to look at it, she's either in a dour mood because she got something, or she's anxious for her results. Hopefully everything is fine for her.

        2. Most doctors don't run HPV tests. Getting a colposcopy for getting a positive HPV test is *overkill*, because most sexually active adults have it and it rarely becomes cervical cancer. Women are only supposed to get the test if the doctors find abnormal cells during the 3-5 year pap smears. Anything else is just invasive and causing unnecessary fear. The doctors who do that are shitty doctors.

        3. HPV is super common. Most sexually active people get in and many never know because the body usually clears it up on its own. Most of the time it's no big deal. But certain types of HPV can cause warts or lead to cervical cancer (eventually) so screenings and testing like colposcopy are sometimes needed.

  5. Eve is cute whatever it is that she's doing.

    Shaving her legs, plucking her eyebrows, getting a pap test.. it doesn't matter.

    1. Probably a colposcopy instead of a Pap. But I totally agree! I'm glad we're getting an Eve-centric story line finally!

      1. Oh my GOD!! Why did I have to google "Colposcopy"?? Why did I click on "Images"? WHY?? You're all my heroes, women of the world. Oh my god…

        1. It's a medical procedure. It's not fun but it's not that bad. Now those pictures of cervical cancer, yikes! But I'm pretty sure cancer always looks gross and scary.

  6. If it's Park that she's going to see, I like how she's arranged it so she can't have sex with him tonight no matter what. (don't @ me, pedants)

    1. To be honest, my first reaction to the first panel was "Eve, no, stop messing with your phone and listen! She's telling you no sex! LISTEN AND BE SAFE! D:" but your comment made me realize that she's a grown women and not only way more responsible than I assumed her to be, but pretty freakin' strategic as well. Good job, Eve. You do you (safely)!

    2. I think it's setting up that she's not paying attention to that bit and might end up doing such a thing.

      1. That's what I was fearing too. I hope she knows and this is just a strategic action on her own part, otherwise this might not end well D:

    3. Sounds like Eve was getting a colposcopy. I really doubt Park factored into that decision unless he gave her an STI or something. 🙁

  7. That first panel, with the no grammar at all one long sentence never ending ramble from the receptionist is incredibly on point.

  8. The thing I worry the most about park is that hes at a completely different place in life than eve. She works at a grocery store and hasn't seemed to aspired to more. I have no judgments there myself but I could see park being very judgmental about it.

    1. Park was definitely apprehensive about it already:

      But clearly by this point Park is a piece of shit. CUT HIM OFF EVE, CUT HIM OFF

  9. IUD? My experience was an 8 week horror story. But everyone agrees that it's a lot of sudden pressure in a VERY strange place. Then (depending on your doctor; some will say to use alternative contraception) you can't have sex until it kicks in just to be safe.

    Also the rage… The hormonal FURY. I had to resist being a flaming bitch on wheels for two weeks straight.

  10. Ok, her procedure was definitely a colposcopy, because those are the instructions! I remember because I had one a couple of years ago and pushed it back a week to wait until after my long-distance boyfriend visited when they told me no intercourse for a week.

  11. The li'l flushed runner's glow on Hannah's ear and cheek is such a cute touch :3

  12. I'm reading this just after my morning run, waiting for stepdaughter to get out of the shower. Stewing in my own endorphins, indeed.

  13. I can feel it coming on.
    Park is going to see Eve to tell her something like he's getting married and he just wanted to talk to her about it, since she knows him better than anyone yada yada yada masturbatory sharing of how your life is going without any real interest in the other person's position or feelings.
    Never liked that Park. So judgy.

  14. I highly recommend this comic with education on HPV. Colposcopies get mentioned too! http://www.ohjoysextoy.com/hpv/

    1. I love OJST, and most of that strip is great. However their recommendation for the HPV vaccine (like it is no biggie) is off the mark. It is still fairly unstudied and a good number of people have been reporting death/severe disability from it (though the reports are not always taken into account).

      It's a rare, but so is getting cervical cancer from HPV (and at least you have a good chance of tackling it—versus instantly dying or becoming disabled).

  15. I swear to God, Park, if you gave Eve an STI I will find a way to shatter the walls of reality, enter the comic, and beat you to death with your own limbs.

  16. Why is everyone pointing the finger at Park when Eve has been hooking up with notoriously hard to pin down Will?

    1. I've been wondering that, too.

  17. So…the first panels could be something that happened before or it could be something that happens after all of this.

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