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  1. I'm probably just completely oblivious as a dude, but is she talking about birth control? Do you have to get some sort of test to get a prescription for it?

    1. No. She's getting her bits checked (for stuff like cervical cancer or other problems) because certain states mandate it or allow insurance to mandate it as a prerequisite. There's no real reason as far as I know, depending on who you talk to it's either to promote regular check-ups or to just make it harder to get birth control in the first place because conservatives are insane when it comes to vaginas.

      1. It's to ensure you won't be running around having unsafe sex and passing around STDs willy-nilly just because you can't get pregnant.

    2. Lots of doctors won't prescribe you birth control unless they've given you a pelvic exam first — it's not always clear why. Rigid belief that you gotta have that exam yearly… easy billing category… wanting to rule out any problems before prescribing medication…. Professional and public health guidelines say it's not necessary, but if you get unlucky with your doctor/choice of doctors, that doesn't matter.

      1. In my country you can buy it at a pharmacy, no questions asked

  2. Yes, the iodine burned.
    The iodine always burns.
    It's a real douche like that.

  3. Gotta be SAFE and get back with Park! Or gotta LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN for something new with Will! Or move the hell on and leave em both in the dust.

    The answer lies in the lab results.

  4. "See, not bad" is doctor for "well … that was tremendously uncomfortable and also fairly humiliating"

    1. Oh hell yes. Reading this is painful. I think I might have to avoid OctopusPie for a few days until the next strip comes up 🙁 But if Meredith wanted to provoke a strong reaction, she did a very excellent job!

  5. Wait, did Park call Eve to tell her he has an STI? Do you need a pelvic exam before you can get RU-486? Did Eve just get a cervical biopsy??? I don't understand and I'm scared :c

    1. oh jeez my biggest fear was her doing it to go see him. NOW IM REALLY WORRIED

  6. For the dudes, can someone explain the procedure? No idea what's going on haha

    1. Best description I’ve seen: https://youtu.be/FjEn_M6dokQ

  7. I feel like I've invaded so much privacy just reading this one. Regardless of whether these are fictional characters or not!

  8. okay i am squatting firmly in camp will here so i am extremely antsy to find out what the deal with park is and it is agonizing.

  9. Park, you…you…vector!

  10. Is she having a pap smear? I'm guessing she's having a full STD panel, which is great, but this can't possibly be her first time in the stirrups…

    Also, everything about this next story has me on tenterhooks! I'm so excited to see where this is going!

    1. The first couple panels made me think that (wow was that evocative in a bad way), but I don't remember iodine being part of an STD panel or pap smear.

      I googled it and it sounds like iodine is used in a LEEP or a colposcopy, which would suggest she already got the pap smear and they found abnormal tissue.

  11. Do they actually not give women the pill without an STD test? Why?
    -Shocked male person

    1. It makes sense if you think about it. Why do the majority of cases (note: not all) decide to take the pill? To use it as a primary form of birth control. That typically implies a large percentage will abstain from using barrier methods of birth control (condoms, female condoms, etc), which means that if you give the pill to a woman who has an STI, you could be partially responsible for giving other people STIs. It’s the same principle behind the questionnaire when you donate blood, and required vaccination for schools.

  12. And this is why I hate gynecologists. I am sure there are a couple good ones around, but most of them are asses who are in it for the money who tend to be non-personal (or too damn judgmental) and rush through crap. Give me a general practitioner any day. They can do the same tests and don't have anything to gain by pushing shit procedures you don't need/want.

    1. Nooooooobody goes into ob/gyn for the money. It's all medicaid patients so the reimbursements are terrible. There are much more lucrative specialties.

      1. It really depends where you work. To so "nobody" goes into it for the money is baloney—especially when it's a surgical field. The doctors at the OB/GYN clinic I fired were all driving Lexuses and BMWs.

    2. What the…how did you infer any of that from this comic?

    3. Gynecologist Supreme

      "I didn't get into this business for the money. I just love those damn vaginas."

    4. That's not the vibe I get from the GYNs I've met—at least not the private ones. Specialist fields pay better—especially ones that involve surgery. A number of friends in medicine confirm this.

  13. I just want her to be with Will so badly, not Park

    1. Same. I am on the Evil ship for life. I will stand on the deck with a violin playing 'Nearer My God to Thee' before I abandon it.

    2. Is there even a Team Park opposed to the Team Will? Team Park is like the Washington Generals of ships. It's like all the people who go around saying "I hope Robin finds it within her to quit working for Cormoran Strike and settle down with that nice Matthew Cunliffe" (there are no such people).

      (By the way, it's occurred to me that the author of Harry Potter is the person who is most likely to write a series of books whose sole purpose is to mess with shippers.)

      I mean, I understand and even have inclinations toward Team Not-Will, but Park… feh.

      1. Is there actually anything wrong with Park? It's been a while since I read the archives, but my recollection is that the worst things about him are that he's a little boring and doesn't appreciate shenanigans, which is unappealing from a comic-reader perspective, but could actually be good things from a serious-relationship perspective.

        1. He doesn't like Eve's friends or what Eve does with her life. This might make him not a bad person for some purposes but definitely makes him a bad romantic partner for Eve.

  14. I think she's getting a colposcopy, because iodine is sometimes used to make abnormal cells more visible. Colposcopies are often recommended after an abnormal PAP result to determine if there are any cancerous or precancerous cells in the cervix. Colposcopies could include biopsies, which might be the lab results the doctor mentioned. But I'm confused about Eve's comment about how they wouldn't give her the pill unless she did this testing? I've never heard of BCPs requiring such testing, and I'm not sure what other types of meds would require it. And why is the doctor telling Eve to call in a week? Any type of medical testing I've ever had, the clinic contacts me with the results! Weirdness.

    1. It depends on the insurance companies (some of which have less educated or more religious people running them). When I went to school a few years ago, they still required women to be forced to watch sex ed videos just to get barrier birth control (female condom or pills). For pills we had to go through all the testing. Complete bullshit.

    2. At the clinic I work at, we sometimes tell patients to call for results. Sometimes normal lab results just get signed off without the patient getting a call back because of the volume of tests that are done. Or sometimes the doctors just remind patients to check back in case they missed a call.

    3. I've always had to call for my results unless they found something infectious, or cancerous, etc. When I first went on the pill I had to get a pelvic exam, but never after that (I mean, I have a history of cervical cancer in my family so I get one every two years, but they were never required to get my birth control??).

  15. Wait, does she need to go through a *full* check up before she can get the pill? Really? Is this considered normal procedure in other countries? I'm confused.

    1. In the U.S., despite the fact that doctors have been aware for years that birth control does not in any way increase the risk of cervical cancer and think annual pap smears are unnecessary, many states require one every single year in order to permit a doctor to prescribe it. It's a hotly contrasted issue in a lot of areas in the USA…my own doctor hates the rule, but often they're required to obey it and can have difficulties in getting insurance or remaining open if they don't. It's always required at least once before birth control pills/ring/implants can be prescribed, and the only over-the-counter birth control you can purchase in a shop anywhere in America is a condom…

  16. Cheese&Crackers!! Iodine in her insides? How can that not hurt!?!?!? Also, I'm intrigued what kind of test she's having. DAMN!! Iodine? Seriously Mer? What are you into? 50 Shades of #F0F0F0 ??

  17. Also, it is good for all ladies to research carefully before getting a pap smear. Yearly pap smears are unnecessary, only test for cervix cancer and can actually cause more harm than good. There is a lot of misinformation and outdated information in the US GYN clinics. Most other 1st world countries don't do yearly paps anymore—especially the ones who have leading care for women.

  18. I'm re-reading this, and I've just realised this comic landed 9 months after my wife had cervical cancer discovered at her routine smear.

    She had an operation and (touch wood) hasn’t looked back.

    If she hadn’t had her smear, she wouldn’t be here today. And I would be lost,as would our kids.

    Gynaecological health is important, please get regular checkup folks.
    (And gentlemen, please check your balls, too)

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