#892 – nope

If you've ever debated the difference - or hell, tried to kick a bad habit - you might feel the gulf between deleting and renaming the number. From the jump we know Eve is doomed. There's just no resisting the temptation she's set for herself. Even before the call, it was hard to imagine a world where Eve wouldn't seek out this exact opportunity. But more on that soon; Starting tomorrow I'll be taking a break from the webcomic timeline to talk about an OP minicomic I drew around this time.

5 thoughts on “#892 – nope

  1. The three panels which zoom in on the wide-open eyes is great and really sets up the only panel dialog.


  3. a car crash you can see coming but just can't bring yourself to avoid, god haven't we all been there.

    also this is the most accurate portrayal of the heart stopping anxiety spike an ex's reentry into your life causes i have seen, god i love this comic.

  4. I remember feeling this page so hard when it came out, cause I had recently had an incredibly similar thing happen to me, and the emotional experience of that was pretty fresh. You nailed the visual with the sunburst effect on Eve's heart. It conveys the feeling so well.

  5. DUDE I'M SO HAPPY I CAN AVOID THIS BEING THAT I DELETED MY EX'S NUMBER. (i still remember the first 6 digits though haha)

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