#889 – the scary parts aren’t that scary

Continuing that line of thought, Jane's confessional is all about surrender, accepting the transience of experiences, giving up the fight of being more than she is. She can look at herself and see the person Mar loves, and it calibrates her whole impression of what's real and possible. She's not afraid of the future because she's already found truth and meaning, and with it a sense of immortality.

3 thoughts on “#889 – the scary parts aren’t that scary

  1. this is such a moving page. you create increidble dialogue

  2. I have gone through a lot in my own life since this particular storyline first happened, and coming back to it now has been really rattling (in a good way!) for me. It's so revealing to see this again after having gone through a lot more relationship stuff in my own life that has led to a better understanding of what both Mar and Jane are going through. Sometimes a relationship challenges everything about what a relationship can be, right from the get-go.

  3. Jane is so much my favorite it's ridiculous, and it's mostly because of this earnestness. She's so brave, so relentlessly deliberate in communicating her most personal, most honest feelings. The world needs more people like her.

    Mar is probably my second favorite just because of the revelation here she enables that in Jane.

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