#883-885 – sick trim

This update enjoys bountiful contributions from Joe Gran, an animator behind Great the Show and countless more YouTube hits. (It also happens we have mostly the same genes, and spent a lot of years fighting over cereal - more on that never!) Check out Joe and Danielle Kogan's most recent game, Dweebus and the Great Destiny! Colors by the champ Valerie Halla. Have you been reading her excellent comic, Goodbye To Halos? Octopus Pie Volume 2 from Image is out TODAY! Go grab a copy at your local retailer and rejoice! And the art sale is still going for another couple of days! Get on that quick!

39 thoughts on “#883-885 – sick trim

  1. ….sometimes science is more art than science, a lot of people don't get that.

  2. I adore this comic. Absolutely, completely, unabashedly.
    And your colouring technques are just through the roof.

  3. Meryl IS a car now.

    1. based on the changes in where her torso/arms appear it doesn't seem that they've merged into a stable woman/car entity, it's more like there's a woman and there's a car, and they're occupying a lot of the same space in a way that physics would ordinarily have some issues with.

  4. Hey, that's not a Beetle!

    1. What a bummer.

  5. In panel 9, everyone else's eyes are riveted to the car, but only Marigold is looking up at the ceiling where Jane and whats his face are plastered. It looks like they got a little California stuck to them.

    1. Naw, hat dude is lookin' up at Jane and Marco too.

  6. So, similar to The Fly, she has been fused with the Volvo and they are now one entity.
    On top of that, Jane and Aloha shirt man are now covered in what can only be described as "West Coast Bio-slime".
    This comic profoundly disturbing.

  7. Soooooo, I'm gonna need someone to explain the metaphor that is Meryl's "transformation"…

    1. you know how sometimes when someone moves very far away they change a lot. and sometimes they change into something reflective of the place they've lived

      Meryl has become an 86 Volvo with all of its accrued, dingy, coffee stained, half-eaten-donut-wedged-under-the-seat Cali hipster cool

    2. Now that she owns a car people only see her as "that girl who has a car."

      this is taken to the next level where she is basically JUST a car

      1. oh my god this is perfect

    3. Jane has previously told us that you can't take baggage through the portal with you. Meryl tried to take her car, and fused with it. Thus demonstrating why you're not supposed to do that.

      Apparently one requirement for dimensional teleportation is being able to leave your possessions behind….

    4. Well, this happened to me when I bought my first car. It changed my lifestyle enough that I kind of became a different person. I LOVE the way that Mer has visualised this. Hope the West coast ectoplasm doesn't cause Jane permanent damage. Is this a visualisation of Meryl's new West coast insufferability field?

  8. j.g.ballard eat yr heart out

  9. I consume this comic "for medicinal purposes."

  10. Random Spanish Guy

    …I wasn't ready for that image. I need bleach now.

  11. This car has breasts.

  12. In panel 6 I spy a little car boob. And THAT is a sentence I never thought I would ever type.

    1. T'is the beauty of Octopus Pie.

  13. gASP !!! Aesthetic arrest !!

  14. Panel 7 is sooo Fantastic!
    My grandma had a Volvo like that! Well…not with the Meryl-body attached to it! OK, OK…I'll stop talking, now. 😀

  15. You know, I bought a car from New York this month and it didn't go like this at all? And now I'm feeling a little? cheated?? Mine just involved more emails than I'd sent in the last 10 years combined and a sketchy dropoff in the Centennial IKEA parking lot. Where's MY coastal amalgam goo-tide, is what I'm saying

  16. Uh. This is perfect.

  17. Jane's housemates are jerks.

    1. It is known.

  18. The light and color in this just knock my socks off. And the palm trees reflected in the puddle… xD

  19. Big wave panel has so much space. Jane and friend are just in the air but also on a wave but on a wave of air and perpetual summer sunset colors, man.. Ace!! Also, this would be amazing ANIMATED. Someone…

  20. After seeing this car lady, I am very concerned about what this Octopus Pie will look like, whenever it finally shows up.

  21. I had the '92 model of that very car. In white. There but for the grace of god, you guys.

  22. When no one was looking, Meredith Gran brought Octopus Pie to a new level of surrealistic craziness. And that's awesome.

    Seriously, I wasn't prepared for this. This page is messing with my head in all the best ways and I love it to pieces.

    Plus now Ultra Car is in Octopus Pie. I don't know if that's a good thing, but damn.

  23. Used to be if someone gave you a car, the first thing you'd think was "road trip!"


  25. Are you surprised? It´s a big mistake to think you´re the only one who can turn into a car. I´m a car now too.

  26. Back when Eve turned into a fairy I thought it was an exaggeration or metaphor. But now…

    1. Did you forget about the Rock Lobster? OP has always had one fot (tenacle?) in a magik reality.

  27. This is amazing and beautiful, but I'm having one of those moments where I need someone to explain something obvious to me. Does the license plate mean something? I'm either super dense and bad at deciphering these things or reading too much into it. Either way, someone please help me…

  28. Car boobs!!

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