#881 – been gone a minute

I felt compelled to really lean into hints of Jane's friends and former life, as she began this process of slowly, lovingly (or hatefully!) detaching from them. Randall* is another old partner in crime, just like Mike or Don or Eve. As Jane moves into this next stage of life, some of these people will fall away, and others will see their roles evolve.

*who never appears again. **

** except in the Hanna/Marigold college minicomic, for no particular reason.

6 thoughts on “#881 – been gone a minute

  1. I'll be damned!

    Maybe Randall gravitated to the maker-movement co-op lifestyle to escape Jacques's tyranny, just like how Hanna became her own boss?

  2. I have lost count of the number of times I've used "I literally just blinked and existed" since first reading this.

    1. "I literally just blinked and existed"
      "Why would you say or personally think that"
      "She's hell on fuck's Earth"
      "I'm going to SHIT if we aren't out the door in 5 mins"

      These should become accepted sayings already as they rightfully deserve.

  3. 1. Superior lighting/coloring again on this page. I particularly love the TRON-like machine she's working on.

    2. We're getting commentary on the mini-comic, right? 🙂

    1. yup, that story is next.

  4. "I [literally] just blinked and existed!"

    The most interesting, and snooty, thing that I've heard all day! 😀

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