#872 – doomed kings

I mostly forgot how I'd articulated this thought, but I still feel it. Will could just be talking about how love fades, but there's something else at work - the mess of ourselves - the baggage that every new prospect seems to erase for just a moment. Make a big change in your life, and dare all that old shit to follow you. It might take a longer route, but it'll get there.

3 thoughts on “#872 – doomed kings

  1. I love the exchange over laundry. Hit the nail on the head. I have totally had that moment happen. Therapists can be terrible with metaphor.

  2. "It's a perfectly serviceable metaphor" is 100% a defense I have used, with some frequency, when people give me shit like that.

    I'm also gonna have to agree with Will that looking at my exes, looks like a big list of doomed kings.

  3. this is probably my favorite arc and i never realized panels 4 and 5 are the hard drive he returned to hannah and what i assume is the equipment in the bake n bake kitchen; such a great subtle way to drive home what "laundry" he is referring to. truly the comic that keeps on giving.

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