#871 – it’ll be fine

Another hidden imbalance between them: they've never been to Jane's place. There are plenty of good reasons for that, but it still tells us something, right? After all, Jane chooses to live there, with - as we'll see - a lot of people she cares about. The fight inadvertently leads them to this topic, and may do them some good.

3 thoughts on “#871 – it’ll be fine

  1. This has to be ultimately harder on Jane. I've always found it much more difficult and embarrassing to be the tenant of the place where "we don't usually stay at". All the same, good on Mar. The keys have added enough stress to this fight for this to be a full-on breakdown crisis and yet she's acquiesced and allowed her girlfriend to bring her to a place she's never been to before to sleep at. That can be stressful too, but it suggests a good deal of trust.

  2. Mar's doubled pupil in the first panel does such a good job of expressing her mental state.

  3. 'The one constant in all your failed relationships… is you.'

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