#863 – did we wanna do something else

Happy 2016!! Thanks for waiting -- I'm back from a big long vacation/honeymoon and getting situated in the office again. But there will be 10 pages in January coming swiftly, even if they spill into February a bit! Y'all know the drill.

22 thoughts on “#863 – did we wanna do something else

  1. Oh noooo I hate this part… Please be kind, Mar…

    1. What part? WHAT PART? I thought she was being moody because of being reminded of Hanna but everyone's reactions make me think there's something more D:

  2. mar… no what's on your mind

  3. On a different note, does that overhead announcement say, "Due to an incident, all Brooklyn bound 5 trains are running on time"? Because if so… brilliant.

    1. My thought exactly!

    2. Probably "All Brooklyn bound trains are running on the local track." I like your version better though.

      1. yup. Wish I\’d thought of it though!

  4. That moment in the first panel, when everyone is tiered but still might want to do something to perk the mood and end on a high note. Dang. That just hit home. When you think to yourself 'why did we do this?'. Those quiet moments at the end of the night.
    You are so amazing at capturing those moments Gran.

  5. Dude on Marek's hat looks like Marek in his hat! 😀

    1. Who wouldnt wear a Marek hat?

    2. … are you sure it isn't a duck?

      1. Pretty sure? Not 100%…but like 99%. Maybe a Marek duck…

  6. I've seen that face before. If my perception is correct that I hope you got thick skin, Jane.

  7. Is Marigold done with Eve as well? Nothing left to feel for Marek but a distant and faded amuesment? The feeling that there is nothing left to be said? That there is nothing the other people can say that you haven't already heard? Is it just time to…go?

  8. You're damn right "Uh..".

  9. I think I know what's going on here. Now, this is sort of a crazy theory, but bear with me.

    I think…Marigold…

    …might be tired.

    1. I was thinking that, too. I felt like there was nothing particularly "wrong" or anything. It was just sort of a disappointing day and Marigold had wanted to go home as soon as they had arrived at the pier with such a gloomy sky. Being reminded of her fallout with Hanna probably wasn't fun, either.

      Though, after thinking about it for a while, I think this whole arc has been about how much these people have changed, at least from the snapshots and photos that have been masterfully sprinkled about. I think this day was disappointing for Marigold because it was further proof that they couldn't really hang out anymore like they normally could.

      Everyone is so different now. Even if it's for the better in their own personal lives, they're no longer compatible for each other socially, and when you're no longer compatible with the people you used to hang out with, it can wear you out pretty quickly to try and keep it up. I think with that realization, this day became like a chore rather than a fun get-together for Mar.

      … At least, that's what I hope? I hope this isn't going to turn into Jane & Mar's first fight somehow. I wouldn't know how but aaaaaack I hope that's not what this is alluding to >.<

    2. This. Also she accidentally chose an outfit which wasn't warm enough for the outing. Hanging out trying to be pleasant while trying not to think about how much you're freezing your ass off is very draining!
      Also being reminded of the fight with Hannah…

  10. Mar looks pretty beat, yeah.

  11. That uh is just hanging there …

  12. Uhg, that courteous, "Did we wanna do something else?", when it used to come naturally leading to endless fun nights with friends back in the day. Everyone's changing and growing up, and it feels like Eve is the last one clinging to what they once had; literally going in circles with her life if I am to go by the fantastic strip before this one.

    And I see Marek still has his eyes hidden. Is he slipping into his past self, reminiscing on his time with Hanna?


  13. It's never any one thing, right? Talking with Marek about Hannah, the cigarette, and no one's mentioned that Jane and Eve seem to be warming up to each other, but I'll bet Mar noticed.

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