#850 – our last hurrah

Last minute but I'm going to be doing a reading tonight at Carmine Street Comics! 7pm! Event info here. Come by if you're in NYC!

27 thoughts on “#850 – our last hurrah

  1. i love how marigold seems so done with everything! haha :^)

  2. Grumpy Eve is back!

    1. More like grumpy everyone. Small wonder, with this weather…

  3. Goddamn Eve, that is some serious dedication to sightseeing.

    Also I know New York shows up in everything ever, but something about OP just really nails the feeling of living there– every time I see a location I recognize, I realize how much I miss it :c

    1. Honestly, it always seems like everyone's on the verge of complete utter misery.

    2. I hear ya. I've watched plenty of shows that take place in New York, but nothing makes me feel as homesick as OP does haha. Meredith does a great job nailing it

  4. And euphoric Eve transforms into grumpy Eve.

  5. I had a first date like this once. She was new in town and I wanted to show her around, but nothing was open.

    She later became a lesbian and moved back to her state. Probably had nothing to do with me. Right?

    … right?

    1. Keep telling yourself that….because its probably true.

      1. It's all I can do to get to sleep at night.

  6. We've been here before! Eve's Megatoad sweatshirt is probably brand spankin' new:

    Although, since Eve competed in a food shopping contest, she might legitimately enjoy food eating contests. Plus she's admitted to being sentimental about this kind of scene:

  7. "this is our last hurrah"

    oh god, this is the final plot arc, isn't it?

    1. I'm pretty sure someone says this during every arc.

      1. True but this one feels different. All the lose ends are being tied up, it’s longer than a normal arc, all the stoppers are being pulled on the art, marek returns, I think patty z is right

      2. please, keep reassuring me that it's not over.

    2. If it is then I will be sad but also understand that Meredith may want to move on to other projects and things. Octopus Pie has run for a very long time, and I bet she'll give it the sendoff that this wonderful comic deserves.

      However, until Meredith confirms this: DON'T YOU DARE SPREAD SUCH HORRIBLE SLANDER, GOOD SIR AND/OR MADAM.

      1. Clearly from her own response, she's not planning to end OP immediately, but we've known for awhile that Meredith is looking to move on for awhile now.

        Per her Tumblr: "A few people asked about the end so I’ll answer this too. OP will be ending 'in the next year' which is what I’ve been saying on Twitter for months lol. It’s winding down but I’m taking my time with it."

    3. there are a few more stories after this!

      1. "A few more" like in "a gazillion more", right? RIGHT?? :'(

      2. Yay! Thanks for continuing for now.

        You do amazing work, btw 😉

  8. D'aww, I forgot Eve had more defined bangs back then. It framed her face and, by extension, her serious demeanor way back when. Those are the little details I really appreciate in this comic :3

  9. Oh My gods, mutha ruttun' CONEY ISLAND and NATHANS FAMOUS. My old neighborhood! There is oil in the fry vats older than ME… secret of the intense tater taste!

  10. OMG! Nathans! I want a real Nathan's hot dog from a real Nathan's hot dog stand (I think the one in Coney Island is the last one left!)

    For that matter, I think that's pretty much all that's there now, isn't it?

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