#851 – there’s no jump

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  1. where can i download this game

  2. Oh, gah. Imagining Hanna finding out that Marek is working for Google and making apps actually sort of hurt ME >.<

  3. chleb z mas?em = bread and butter in Polish

    1. Thank you, I couldn't make heads nor tails of a quick google search. I had a feeling it was something close to that just based off of context, but it's always good to know that your guts aren't completely stupid.

    2. Russian, too, kleb and maslo.

      Also made their way into "A Clockwork Orange" as part of Burgess's Russian-based synthetic teen language, Nadsat (which literally meens "teen").

      1. Never knew that! I'm a Clockwork Orange fan but never got into the linguistics of the language. Thanks 🙂

      2. I was wondering why he'd be saying it in Czech/Russian/Polish whatever. Clockwork Orange is a plausible source (but ew).

        1. marek is just polish

    3. I am so proud of myself right now for correctly guessing that.

  4. So, when are Eve and Marek gonna to hook up?

    I hunger for the cuteness and the drama that may ensue.

    1. That would be awful! I dont think that would be cute at all. Hanna would die, and Marek deserves better.

    2. Oh thank god, I was worried I was the only person who was shipping them.

      1. can you imagine if the endgame was eve/marek and hanna/wil

    3. I feel like that completely violates the "chicks before dicks" rule.. And no matter how much these ladies are changing, I don't think they'd do that to each other.

      Can someone give me a quick backstory of how Hannah / Eve / Will relate? Does Hannah know that Eve/Will had a thing? Did Hannah/Will ever date in the past (like their museum trip) or was that platonic? I'm just double-checking if the "chicks before dicks" was ever brought into question in that regard.

      1. The museum trip was a platonic thing, but it's implied that Will was into Hanna (he kind of made a snide remark about Marek, I think, when they were hanging out) so I don't know if that implied that they had a thing before Hanna met Marek or if they were kind of seeing each other as FWB or something until Marek came into the picture).

        As for the Eve/Will thing, I'm pretty sure Hanna actually set them up together (you can see Eve's realization of it here, unless I'm misreading the situation http://www.octopuspie.com/2007-08-06/030-controll…. In any case, Hanna totally knew about them and encouraged it. If you're referring about how they recently hooked up, then I'm not sure. We haven't seen many interactions between Hanna and Eve for a while, though I feel like that'll change within this arc c:

      2. Oh, also, this is how Hannah / Eve / Will relate: http://www.octopuspie.com/2007-07-13/027-keep-it-… Hanna introduced Eve to Will and helped to let them get to know each other.

    Marigold is incredibly good at this game or it isn't selling at all.

  6. There’s a duck on his hat. You’re killing me Meredith

  7. The wisdom duck hat!

    1. I dunno, it's only that Disney character, I don't think that really counts.

    2. I think it's a reference to MOUSE FAN CLUB by Joe Gran, too

  8. Eve doesn't know what Google's called.

  9. Eve's hoodie. I want it.

  10. press fart

    1. this was my favorite part of the comic

  11. Heh. Back in the '90s at Interplay I worked on a desktop computer game, "Fartman." It didn't sell as well as we expected. I guess this younger generation is more into flatulence.

  12. You have surpassed us all.

  13. im feeling devastated over catching up.. ive been reading this in my free time for the last few days and WOWZA thank you for this gift, meredith.

    it's good to see marek is doing well and is happy, but it makes me wonder if hanna knows that eve and mar are both hanging out with him. how would she feel about this? is it a secret???

  14. So i get the feeling i've missed/misunderstood something here. I thought Marek and Hanna broke up because Marek had graduated and was moving back home.

    But now he's here, still in town and everything.

    Why'd they break up?

    1. Marek and Hannah were in love but Hannah didn't want kids and Marek did. They agreed to breakup after he graduated.

    2. Maybe for more reasons then were originally given the relationship had a deadline.

    3. I'm guessing it's because Marek wanted kids, Hannah wanted to never have kids, and they knew that things would have to end at some point. I also thought Marek was returning to Poland. I guess not, I guess they just decided that his graduation was a good day to split.

    4. a lot of people thought that, but really they broke up because they disagreed about wanting to have kids in future

    5. There was a lot of confusion over all of this a while back when they first broke up, Meredith actually broke her comment silence to correct everyone, saying that Marek is not moving away and that is not why they broke up.
      It is infact because they want different things out of life. While Hannah is content working on her business and riding out the life she's currently made for herself, Marek wants grow a bit more, have kids, do the dad thang. Who knows where is future is going now that he isn't in school.

      In my opinion the relationship they had was amazing, but ultimately it was holding them back from growing in the directions they wanted, and thusly it held them back from growing at all.
      Less of an end of the relationship and more of a start to their futures.

      1. Thanks.

    6. i'm pretty much completely certain (even had some confirmation from the author in earlier comment sections) that they both knew they'd have to eventually split up due to having differing views on having kids, and they just did it when he graduated.

      but the rest still want to hang out with him. i guess hanna doesn't… well, i wouldn't either, it'd be pretty painful, i guess.

  15. I love that Eve is still hanging out with Marek!

  16. There's no jump. Only FART.

  17. Bread and butter means literally “chleb i mas?o” in Polish, but it’s an idiom so it should not be translated literally. In Polish the equivalent of “bread and butter” is “chleb powszedni”. But Marek could also mean that it’s really easy for him to make mobile games, so he should have say it’s “bu?ka z mas?em”.

    But he could also just mix up idioms… I guess living in USA for quite a long time (or being born there, I’m not sure if we know which one) may have an impact on someone’s vocabulary.

    Still, a wonderful comic. I’m very happy for Marek, one of my favourite characters:)

  18. MAREK so glad to have you back. Also, does this comic have a regular update schedule? I have seached all over the website and haven't found it

  19. I appreciate the overcast color palette.

  20. I just LOVE that characterization that Eve doesn't remember Google. I think that's so telling about her personality. Not in a good or bad way necessarily – just telling!

  21. "You've surpassed us all".

    I think that Eve should paraphrase Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, and say something like:

    [See that good man, Marek, over there!]

    This was the noblest Octopus Pie dude, of them all. 😀

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