#841 – horrible robot

32 thoughts on “#841 – horrible robot

  1. She’s…she’s recreational-fortunetelling…*tears up*

    I’ve NEVER felt closer to Marigold than this moment.

  2. Is she…reading the tea leaves?

  3. Is her kitchen also her bedroom?

    1. Well, this IS New York… apartments are often tiny.

    2. It triples as the hall and quadruples as the living room!

    3. Nah, I think it's a pull-out couch. There are arms that look like couch arms beside her.
      Unless her bed is a pull-out couch, which is totally possible.

      Also, tea is delicious and tahini sauce grosses me out and I love Marigold,

      1. I think that's actually a hard pillow with arms. My mum has one of those.

  4. Having your bed right in front of your oven seems like a good way to start a fire.
    I'd know, I've played The Sims.

    1. Well, now we know there's a good reason for it to be there.

  5. In the old picture – is that Marigold behind Hanna…?
    It is! I recognize her cute nose! (´?ω?`)?

  6. … she reads freaking tea leaves?

    Man, Marigold is the WORST.

  7. Wait, how *is* Fuchs supposed to be pronounced then?

    1. f?k-hous.

    2. The only person I've known with that last name pronounced it as "Fewks". No idea if that's actually correct, though.

      1. Everyone I've known with that name pronounces it that way ("Fyooks"). But now I'm not sure how many people I've known with that name.

        As someone who pronounces his name differently from the way most people want to pronounce it, I firmly believe that the right way to pronounce the name is however the person whose name it is wants you to pronounce it. Though if you have a choice between pronouncing your name "Whiner" or "Weener" it's still a no-win.

        1. I feel for you, bro…

      2. Same. In English, anyway. The German pronunciation is completely different and unlikely to be used by Americans, so "correct" is pretty much out the window.

    3. As German it's pretty funny to read this thread.

      "Fuchs" rhymes with "books" fyi 🙂

      1. Über alles?
        … not really …

    4. I knew one and he pronounced it "Fox."

  8. Fooks I think

    1. I think it might be "Fyuks"? I've heard someone pronounce it that way once.

  9. Wait, she got one of those right. o_o

    1. She got 'it' right. She rejected the first two.

  10. Really like the contrast in lighting on the pots in panel 3. The whole page is very well lit.

  11. Marigold's tea-reading is a clever way to explain the previous comic. Took me a minute to make the connection.

  12. I like Marigold's little nod after "one of my exes is in therapy?" This is an outcome that makes perfect sense to her. It makes sense to us as well.

  13. Is that a Hudson's Bay blanket?

  14. Confirmed: psychic Marigold. She had the prophetic dream about puking on Will's dick, and now this. Might be it's just Will-centric, but I'm looking forward to more documented phenomena.

  15. Love the transition from Will in therapy to Marigold's "random" reading (which she would really want and like, so it seems natural that THAT'S the reading she'd accept)! Great storytelling.

    Also really enjoy the old photos as a transitional device. They're so cute and perfectly placed!

  16. I'm convinced, she's got the Gift.:|

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