#841 – horrible robot

Looking at that first panel makes me think I should interrupt the flow of the original OP run, so I can comment on the Hanna/Marigold minicomic story, "On the Strait and Narrows". Maybe after this chapter wraps up? Would that be good?

Mar looks prim and almost virginal in dress here, speaking with a childlike clairvoyance. I don't remember if that was my intention exactly, but it tracks with her confession 2 pages from now. Would the robotic door system bother her so much if she wasn't already nervous?

18 thoughts on “#841 – horrible robot

  1. Yes an ex getting therapy and folks getting a new kitten can easily be confused with the return of good tahini.

  2. After this comic Mar becomes enlightened and embraces love more than her nervousness and bother in life.

  3. That would be excellent.

  4. I would personally love your On the Strait and Narrows commentary!

  5. I would love to read your commentary on the Hannah / Mar minicomic!

  6. Is that an actual thing in apartments? Y'know, the robot door voice.

  7. Picture on Marigold's mug is a pigeon. Kind of amazing how this image reads well despite being very basic. Meredith stripped the pigeon to its very essence.

  8. I'd like to see the comment on the minicomic after this!

    1. oliverbrackenbury


    2. Ditto.

  9. How *is* Fuchs supposed to be pronounced? I thought that was the joke, that it sounded exactly like "fucks."

    (BTW, the comment system rejects email addresses as "invalid" if they have a space after them, which is how my phone's autocomplete enters mine, so I was confused for quite a while about why I couldn't comment from mobile.)

    1. I always thought it was something like "Fyooks" but I'm not sure!

    2. I'm assuming it rhymes with "pukes" which, given Mar's history, is kinda funny.

    3. My guess was "Foochs" with the ch sounding akin to when Scottish people say "lochs" (which in turn sounds a bit like how Liverpudlians say "fucks" but that's too esoteric to be inentional;-)

  10. Ah, a Hudson’s Bay blanket. What a great detail.

  11. I would love to see comments for the mini comic!

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