#839 – this infinitude of dust

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  2. To use another photograpic term, I think Hanna's auto-focus is a little out of calibration…

    1. She's trying to find the right perspective.

      1. So she needs to work on her composition?

  3. I fuck'n love will

    1. I do too, but I get the distinct feeling from having had crushes on a few Wills in my life that Will would not feel the same way about me. We'd be "really good friends, yeah, you're a GREAT friend". Yeah. Sure.

      Though I married a guy who's even better than Will so I guess it all works out.

  4. Note: I would buy merchandise with images of Hanna sitting on her Bake & Bake throne.

  5. That throne.

    Now I know what to get my wife for Christmas.

    1. yes. never a bad idea. she'll love you forever.

  6. When you play the game of baking, you either bake or you bake.

    1. When you play the game of baking, you either bake or you burn.

  7. What a nice comic.

  8. Oh man, I just realized that the throne is not visual exaggeration meant to capture Hannah's mindset. It's actually a real piece of furniture, sitting there in the kitchen next to the prep counter.

    I assume stuff like that is what Hannah buys on her computer when Will is yelling at her to zoom in.

    1. Wait, wait–doesn't everyone have a throne like that next to their prep counter?

    2. I suspect – from having taken something similar once – that she found it on a streetcorner or whatever and dragged it back.

      I had a gorgeous old wooden chair with a ratty velvet cushion for YEARS from doing that, 'till it fell apart because college students don't know how to properly take care of proper furniture.

  9. More in and out with the perspective, less in and out with the crotches.

  10. No more spinning our wheels!
    *attempts to spin wheels*

  11. This is the first comic I've really noticed how well Will and Hannah would work together. The other way.

    Kinda wish I hadn't noticed.

  12. unpopular opinion, but I think Hannah and Will would work way better than Will and Eve. Hannah wouldn't do that to Eve, but they just have so much more chemistry

  13. This video is making me queasy… 😉

    Also: Is that "throne" a rocking chair?

  14. Loving the color. Also, just seeing Will and Hanna interact is awesome. They both have so much character.

    <3 OP! n.n


  16. This infinitude of dust…


    1. That was a serious Johnny Cash in his video for "Hurt" moment.

  17. I love the zooming. I AM NOTHING begets BUY ALL THE THINGS.

  18. I need that throne to put at my bakery for my breaks.

  19. I almost wonder if Hannah has ADHD? I'm not a professional or anything, but I have it, and the zooming out / zooming in analogy fits perfectly. My mind is a mixture of fixating and wandering, which makes it really difficult to focus. Here, Hannah fixates on dating / being lonely = Will wants her to "zoom out" (a.k.a. focus on other things then that)! Then her mind starts to wander on kind of irrelevant stuff, so she's gotta "zoom in." Then she impulsively jumps onto the computer to buy peripheral things = Will wants her to "zoom out" again (a.k.a. overcome the impulse and look at the big picture again).

    The thing is, I've been told people with ADHD can be very gifted once they find their passion and therefore their focus. Once Hannah locks in her zoom to the perfect point, she'll be amazing at this baking thing!

    Once an ADHD brain jumps on the fixation or wandering train, it takes a lot of effort to get back. Will doesn't know it, but – IF she has it – Will (and his advice here) really is the perfect complement for her. Zoom in / zoom out is perfect. I'm going to use that in my own life now!

    Thanks Meredith for the great analogy and coping tool!

  20. "maybe my work's a defensive reaction to loneliness" STOP WRITING MY LIFE PLEASE lmao i fucking love this comic

  21. "Damn it– ZOOM OUT!"

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