#837 – morning beautiful

The girl in the photo with Will is not meant to be anyone special or recognizable. Really it's her tattoo and Will's long sleeves that I was focusing on. A bygone era of nightlife and dating of which Will is both guilty and innocent. Now he's on anxiety medication. Hanna might be the only mark of the past that has followed him.

3 thoughts on “#837 – morning beautiful

  1. Ha, I always interpreted the pill panel as Will popping a couple ibuprofen to stave off a hangover. But I guess I was projecting a little bit.

  2. Missed the anxiety medication first time around, I must admit I thought Will was hungover and struggling with it in a way he wouldn't have been when younger as in the picture when dating and drinking came easily…missed the specifics but got the correct mood, I guess

  3. Had no idea what he was popping first time around but more importantly missed A BAD BAR on the canopy in panel 2. I now want to open a place called A BAD BAR.

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