#818 – home

This update was drawn collaboratively by me and Mike Holmes! Valerie colored the whole beast. And Gisele did the flats! It's a real honor working with these folks.

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  1. Man, I wanna live in New York.

    1. I've lived here 7 years. I've seen them all except the swimming pool.

    2. Places like that have a mayfly existence. Eventually the city notices that nothing is up to code, or rezones, and the owners sell to developers. I can remember Northside in 1996, and years before, the Vat in SF. Gone with Nineveh and Tyre.

    3. I grew up in Brooklyn… but I ended up having to leave the region.


    (capslock really isn't enough to express my excitement, but whatcha gonna do)

  3. Marvelous <3

  4. Damn, this is quite possibly the best page I've seen of this comic. 11/10

    1. Right!? Oh my goodness this page was beautifuuuuuuul

  5. No wonder Jane can go to a quiet place inside her head.

  6. Buy a steadicam, license a Kinks song, and pitch Octopus Pie: the Movie to Wes Anderson.

    Actually, forget him. Make it yourselves; goddamn y'all are talented.

  7. I now want to see a 3D map of this.

    1. I'd love to see this animated 😮

  8. So cool!

    Reminded me of a text adventure game.

    >Go NORTH

    1. Are you specifically thinking of Northnorth Passage, the game where you can only go north? Because when I read this comic I thought "This is just like Northnorth Passage."

    1. Thanks for the song! Goes so well with the strip! New song I'm listening to on loop haha

  9. ooooo….I….I have to put audio/SFX to this…this is just…too inspiring not to do something in tribute. Thank you so much for this amazing gift!

  10. I'd use LCD Soundsystem's "Home" for this one, dancing melancholically.

    Mer, i love this page, i'm glad we have colours, i'm glad we have this comic.
    Thank you : )

  11. These panels are some of the most gorgeous I've ever seen, but for Jane's sake,I can't see how this is better than trying to go on a date with Marigold. Also, I feel like the biggest old lady ever for reading this and thinking "too many parties!"

  12. the Atlanta version of this is like two dark alleys, a mixed use garage, an artisanal yogurt store, and two miles of a parking lot all leading to a windowless backroom in a warehouse venue full of crust punks

  13. *rise slowly out of my chair*

    *push my glasses to my face*

    *slow clap that grows to a cacophonus worldwide applause*

  14. Panel 21 + 22: Jane's so thirsty.

    1. LOL you counted

    2. Ah, yes. That lovely sweat drop… 😉

  15. This page is making me tear up real bad, this is your best piece of work hands down. this comic has taught me so much as both an illustrator and storyteller and human being. It just hit me that I've been reading this comic since I was 15, I'm almost 23 now.

    If you ever wind up in Kansas City for some reason, come visit the illustration department at KCAI!

    1. I hope I do someday! and thank you

      1. we have two comic conventions and an indie press festival nowwww *eyesparkle*

    2. I live in Kansas City and I've been reading this for forever. This piece is amazing. Please, come visit KC!

  16. so jane is having a day

  17. Jesus, she goes through ALL OF THAT every time she just wants to get to her room? How is this place even up to code? If there's a fire (let's be honest: when the fire inevitably occurs), all of these guys are fucked.

    That Jane would pay to live here puts her erratic lifestyle into fuller perspective. The irony of her needing a key to get in the front door of this place is fucking off the charts. Judging by the expression on Jane's face in the first panels, I'm sure it's not lost on her.

    Great work, Mer. I'm seriously interested to learn what in her past Jane is running from with such headlong abandon.

    1. Jane wasn't bullshitting Mar when she said she'd be lost if she couldn't disappear into the quiet place in her mind. Poor girl.

    2. In support of my theory below, I'm hypothesizing that she gets free rent in exchange for providing local color. To jaded club-goers, nothing says "Low-Rent New York" like a tired lesbian barista pushing through a crowd to get to her shitty apartment.

    3. My theory: not all of this is the actual, physical place she lives. I believe this is symbolic, or takes place over a number of nights representing the long "walk" of her going "home," wherever that may be. Her "walk" home is the drudgery and depression she's feeling as she just goes through the motions… party this, party that… what many people call their "solace" is her numbness, her sadness right now. A reminder of her emptiness.
      I hope she finds her solace. I really do. Even her home isn't yet solace – not until the quiet place in her mind is truly quiet. Which it's not right now, as you can see through all the hectic internal dialogue.
      I wonder if she and Hannah should ever have a chat? They seem to be going through similar feelings right now.

  18. Every time I think the bar couldn't possibly be set higher, you go ahead and do it anyway. This page is incredible.

  19. Oh man panels 21 to 22 are amazing. (the last red panel to the panel afterward)

  20. What a gorgeous, illuminating way to suck us into a character's point of view. It plays to the strength of comics very well.

    I wish it didn't make me feel so… empty? Morose? Depressed? Quietly disappointed? Resigned?
    But I guess Jane wishes that, too.

  21. Seriously, Jane. Starve your ego a little. Feed your soul.

  22. Check out those unpacked boxes.

    Ugh… this comic hurts in all the right places.

  23. I feel this ties in really well to Jane saying "I only party because I'm looking for something". She goes through a ton of scenes, full of different types of people, all doing something different, and not once does she find something that makes her slow down or stop. She keeps going till she hits her room, she's still looking.

    1. She does look back at that one girl, though, on panels 21 and 22. Can't blame her for one quick look back, though

  24. I love how every time I thought it was about to stop, nope, it didn't.

    Now I am basking in the implication that every person at that show had to go up the ladder, past the chickens, and through the window to get there. Including the band. And all their equipment. And the guy on the bike.

    I also like how the door marked "EXIT" doesn't go anywhere except Jane's bedroom.

    Maybe the whole thing is actually one big entertainment complex, like with a "Low-Rent New York" theme, y'know? I think modern irony has progressed enough to have a New York-themed attraction in New York, don't you? The guy with the dogs is actually paid to run them back and forth any time someone comes in. For atmosphere!

  25. Omg, echoing commenter spooky, I also teared up at this. It's so good and just what I needed on this Friday night. I mean, I was listenin and groovin to Silento's "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" when I decided to see if op had updated, and even with "DUFF DUFF DUFF" goin in the background, I still teared up. Really.. damn, man. I feel you, Jane. Amazing work Meredith, Mike, Valerie, Gisele!

  26. PS Those high cats… lmao.

  27. aninternettoughguy

    She walks through hundreds of people having all these wonderful social situations in wonderful social settings just to get back to her crummy lonely apartment filled with cardboard boxes and unmade bedding.

    I can't say it's unfamiliar.

  28. Mr. Kubrick would be proud. 🙂

  29. Wow, I get overstimulated just looking through this. If I lived in a place like that I'd probably seriously consider finding a park bench to rest on instead, away from all of that social noise. This is amazing work.

  30. I lived in a spot more or less like this near the East Williamsburg Industrial Park for a year and a half

  31. I wanna live in a multi-theme building!

  32. So this is life in Brooklyn? Hmmmm…

    1. This is exactly what it is like. Brooklyn has a geometry all its own. (Dare I say a theology all its own, as well?)

  33. WOW. I love the attention to detail and the mood changes with each scene. I could get lost in every panel! Fantastic work, kudos all around!

    I would love to get this as a print (or series of prints)…

  34. absolutely beautiful!

  35. Hey, I don't know if there's a better way to write to Meredith, so I just signed up to be able to post comments here. I've been reading OP for a long time, and I love so much about it. I check it about three times in-between when it actually updates. There's only one thing I wish was different – I wish there was a "previous" button at the top of the page! Especially with the big updates like this – I want to be able to check in with where the story is without having to scroll down past the potential spoilers in a long new comic! I wonder if anyone else cares about this. Anyway, thanks for making great art and sharing it with everyone!

    1. Yes, a "Previous" button on top of the comic was something I always neeeded, and with this update especially.

  36. This webcomic just won't stop proving how much it is the best webcomic in existence, will it?

  37. So could i get, like, a six-foot-high print of this? It’s amazing!

    1. Actually, I would consider buying that. In fact, I would wallpaper my whole room with OP prints and posters. I think they remind me that (as a mid-20s youth seeking my purpose) that I'm not alone in that.

  38. Long time reader, never commented here before, but that deserves a BRAVO!!!

  39. I've read this six or seven times and I'm still having a hard time believing it @_@

    Most epic page in Octopus Pie. Most epic page in the history of webcomics EVER.

    And Jane's tiny bedroom with the unopened boxes is killing me.

  40. I love love LOVE this. Amazing. Blew me away. Was in tears by the end. Although Am I alone in thinking this isn´t the actual route Jane takes to her room? Its up for interpretation for sure but it feels more like these panels show Jane´s growing disassociation with party life (theres a broad cross section of parties here!) she doesn´t stop to enjoy any of the parties or social gatherings she passes through. She just does that… passes through. She used to party cos she was looking for something, maybe she´s not even looking anymore? Or it could be the actual route… NY, its crazy, right?

  41. What a sequence!

  42. I like this one a lot, probably my favorite time reading Octopus Pie since Octopus Die.

  43. So, the lady in the low-cut dress by the "exit." Was Jane checking her out for two whole panels, or is it just me?

    1. Maybe she just looked back because she noticed us following her.

  44. This comic sums up an entire experience and set of tradeoffs without using a single freaking word! We are not worthy.

  45. I can't help but here 'The Hardest Button to Button' playing in my head when i was scrolling.
    I just fits so well!


  47. "Say no to gentrification". Oh, the delicious irony ^^

    (Yeah, I just noticed it)

  48. Pure effing genius. Meredith Gran, you're an effing genius. I have loved -and always will love- your work. Draw long and prosper.

  49. I love Jane's "Huh?!" expression looking back at that lady who gave her a flirty smile

  50. This is beautiful. Magical realism is one of my favorite things ever, and I believe this has captured it perfectly. I don't think all of this is where Jane ACTUALLY lives. I believe some of it is surreal (ie. the underwater room), some of it is metaphor (ie. Jane checking the girl out and moving on to the rent office – back to reality), some of it is Jane's emptiness over time no matter where she goes or where she "parties" (not that she actually is right now, or has she ever?). I think this spans over time. And I think it's perfect.

    This is, by far, my favorite strip in OP. I am a sucker for tracking shots, and the fact that one was conveyed so amazingly through drawing is… I don't even have words. This is in the annals of the Shining, Children of Men, Birdman, Goodfellas, the list goes on. I am so blown away.

    Thank you!

  51. ok after viewing this incredible thing numerous times, I also have to point out how great the dog faces in panel 6 are. just great.

  52. I couldn’t resist animating this page.

  53. This was such a dope page. I wish nyc was like this, or well maybe I haven't found it yet.

  54. Jane, searching

  55. So many code violations… ?

    Also, the cats in panel 15 are high af, pfffft.

  56. Hmm. I think I am going to stare at this forever now.

  57. Saw this page for the first time without reading the rest of the comic; I was listening to the National, "Nobody Else Will Be There," and it seemed like it fit so damn well I teared up a bit. Anyway, figured I'd throw that one out there.

  58. I’ve come from Pintrest in search for this specific chapter!
    I read the whole thing from the beginning and now, 818 pages and 2 months later, I’m here.
    And I will continue reading.
    Maybe even get a physical copy, who knows, but so far, I enjoied my stay here.
    Lets see where this takes us.

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