#815 + 816 – there’s a third option, right?

Hey guys, after neglecting it for a bit I'm finally reassembling my original art store! There are pages from the latest storyline in there - check it out if you want such a thing!

42 thoughts on “#815 + 816 – there’s a third option, right?

  1. Life is so hilariously sad.



    1. also, on top of hurting herself, being all "LET'S MAKE OUT' with Mar and then asking to meet her somewhere, and then suddenly saying NO THANKS is kinda crappy too. Being a chicken hurts yourself and other people sometimes.

      1. Well, if I'm not mistaken she wrote the message but hasn't yet sent it, b/c she lost her signal when the train went underground! She might change her mind by the time she gets it back and if she did it'd be very #relatable. Little moments of grace change my day like that all the time! C'mon moment of grace!!!

        1. I want to believe this so badly, however, I have personal experience getting a signal underground on the (DC) metro. so it is at least plausible that it sent. God this comic just destroys me. I finally got around to donating, so I guess I'm a masochist too.

        2. It's not that it sent or not– it looks like Jane hasn't hit "Send" yet because the only thing worse than sending a text you're not 100% sure of is sending a text and not being 100% sure the other person received it.

        3. There is no way she can send a text on the subway in NYC! It's a black hole of cell service and wifi.

  3. I believe I had that same internal dialogue over and over again for like a solid ten years, extending from the beginning of my high school career through college. Actually if I'm being honest I just had that very same conversation with myself last year.

    Don't be like me.

    1. I had similar problems. Probably why I didn't date much.

  4. As sad as this page is, I burst out laughing at panel three. Too true to life! At the rate of body-shaming subway ads aspire to, its only a matter of time until one just says "UGLY? You can pay us money to fix that!" And the text box for the subway announcement is the perfect way to represent that sound (though maybe it could be even more indecipherable).

  5. Jesus Christ, the art on these past 2-3 chapters is just constantly blowing my mind.

  6. visually, does the square orange-y text box in the last panel mean that both she and her subconscious agree this is a no-go?? D: no cmonnnn. us queer girls have it tough jane but don’t sabotage yourselffff.

    1. Yeah, that's what it looks like. And it's making me saddd :'c

    2. I’m having a hard time distinguishing it from the color of the original pessimist thought block color. Keep the faith!

      (That I’m not going colorblind)

  7. Has Jane always lived such a rich internal life?

    And the subway lights turning into… something else… is truly something else.

    1. *O:< BLUSH*

  8. you and your colorist have ascended to the next level. I am in awe of your representation of time and mood in this comic. wow.

  9. Jane needs to develop more of a growth mindset in her approach to relationships.

    1. I find myself agreeing with you even though I previously saw Jane as the most sane (whatever that means) of all the people. Like she was in control of her mind and understood herself. now I'm not so sure. and, like every other comic seems to do, I find that meredith has touched a nerve deep in my psyche. I wish Jane would risk it, even if all the signs point to no. Both she and Marigold could grow so much together. I believe in Marijane!

  10. that underhanded middle finger in panel 10 really drives home the sentiment of everything pointing to Jane eating shit.

  11. your colorist has out done them selves this time!

  12. Fucking depression…

  13. Now I know why I don't like Jane. She's too much like me.

  14. growing up, I can remember the plastic surgery ads, but I don't think they had any for BIG BOOBS! on my subway cars

    i missed out!


    1. clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap I believe in marijane!!!!!

    2. Jane deserves better than Mar. Mar’s just barely got herself together, and honestly, there’s no way of telling if she’s even stable yet. Jane knows exactly what she wants. I could write paragraphs about the things that could go wrong between Jane and Mar, not the least of which is a common issue among lesbians: When you’re the first woman for a woman who previously hasn’t had any experience with women, it rarely works out. Half of these first timers will decide they’re not into women, and the other half decide they don’t want to sow their wild oats with a few more before settling down. Roughly. Maybe a tiny fraction of them stay with their initial partners, but not very many. That’s just *thing one*.

      1. On the other hand, Jane knowing what she wants would hopefully allow her some clear vision if she gets with Marigold. Just see where things go, be clear that she is looking to get to Relationshipland, and if it becomes clear that they're going straight to Bullshit City instead, get off at the first available stop.

  16. Commodore Biggles

    The two lights are fading…


  17. Beautiful depiction of light throughout this arc.

  18. ARRRRGH. Jane. STAHP. I'd tell you to go sit in the corner, but you're already moving' yourself to the damn corner!

  19. I know we’re all seeing the parallels, but I’m still gonna post the link. http://www.octopuspie.com/2012-09-13/octopus-pie-

    It’s interesting how much/how little things change over the years. Eve’s managed to fight at least some of her demons, and is definitely more confident, but she still has dreams about Park. Meanwhile, Jane, who was introduced as an ultimate “cool girl” type, has taken on a lot of eve’s neuroses.

    1. you are a super sleuth. #mostisightfulcommentoftheyear
      why are people so difficult to fit into boxes 😉

  20. I'm on to you, Meredith. You're a massive subway nerd. That's a near-perfect drawing of the type of subway car that operates more or less exclusively on the C train.

  21. If you take away the chance of rejection you won't be as hurt, but it'll still hurt and for a lot longer…

  22. man i do love that bit of the Q train

  23. Jane should talk to someone about this. Someone.. like Eve!

    Otherwise she's just gonna overthink herself to death.

  24. What's the number to call if you're ugly?

  25. Thought I'd post this here. I've enjoyed Octopus Pie for so long I really just had to record something for probably one of my favorite strips of many. https://soundcloud.com/jacob-barrens/janes-confli

  26. And what, then of the family she's got?

  27. we never actually saw her send that text

  28. This hurts! My soul!!! Aaaaaghhhhhh!!! But you still didn’t show her explicitly hitting send so I have hope!!!!

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