octopus pie – just forget it

September 13th, 2012

octopus pie – just forget it

And summer turns to fall! I just barely slipped this update in before everyone stops feeling hot. Not that the change isn’t welcome.

SPX is this weekend and I’ll be there, at booth W21A! And if things work out right, I just might have a mini of this last storyline. It will be super limited so get there early. I will also have super limited copies of Marceline & the Scream Queens #1-3. Come and high-five me!

I know you folks have been patiently refreshing this page every 5 minutes for the past month. I’m busy with work that I really enjoy, but I sure wish I was updating more. As usual I’ll post whenever I can. Come November, updates should be a bit more regular. Sit tight and drink some cider!