#813 + 814 – forget that dump

Ehhh comics are back! I had a busy week but they'll be updating steadily now. Seeya soon!

22 thoughts on “#813 + 814 – forget that dump

  1. That guru backstory though ;_;

  2. This made me tear up, and I honestly don't know why for sure.


  4. "Coffee Guru Hangs Past Failings on Wall" — freakin' genius!

    1. The news shortage of mid-2010 was difficult for newspapers.

    2. EEP! It looks like that "coffee guru hangs…" photo just spook-ily, instantaneously, appeared on his wall! Look at the photo…it looks like him, [ in REAL TIME].

      That's very funny, Meredith! 😀

  5. Did Jane just… become straight?

    (kidding! love the failure wall!)

    1. or theyr just roomies, or shes still in the closet, or shes polyromantic bi/pan. hard to know with so lil info.

  6. does "forget that dump" refer to marijane or the house?… … …
    this comic is too much to handle

    1. Wow, what a harsh judgmental nickname for someone who has done nothing worse than not getting her coworkers involved in the details her personal life before the first date.

      1. I think marijane is a portmanteau of "marigold" and "jane". Like "bennifer". So "marijane" would be their budding maybe-possibly relationship, not marigold herself

        1. ehehehehe, budding.

  7. "Strongest, bravest flatlander I know"… sounds like a backhanded compliment.

  8. I spent too long searching for the desiccated corpse of Nice Shoulder-Eve while Don was sweeping up.

    Nothing. Not even a teensy purple barrette.

    1. They tell me: "we must all learn to live without barrettes." Or is it, "regrets"? I've forgotten it.

      I would've liked to see the "Nice Shoulder-Eve's" corpse in the sweeping scene, too.
      Maybe just her legs or feet could appear from under the broom. 😀

  9. "I'll KILL you if you die." best one liner EVER!

  10. Jane and Don look a lot alike. Are they siblings?

    Love the subtle glow in the coffee shop. You really do as much as you can with as little colors as possible. It's inspirational. 🙂

    1. no, they are not related.

  11. The conversations seem to mirror Jane's internal conflict. Isn't rebranding a high-risk, high-reward kind of endeavor? It seems like after yelling as Miss Eve Thang that Jane is back to the low-risk, low-reward safe path, relationship-wise. Her final expression looks ambiguous to me. Is it determined or defeated?
    Oo, and love the color gradients!

    1. I think Miss Thang WAS the low-risk, low-reward option. She was the one who said to cut people off before they hurt you. After spurning her and having her sense of idealism confirmed, she starts listening to the stupid pipe dream about the house. But it also does feel like she's giving up on something, so I don't know.

  12. Darn it.
    Did Jane just give up on Marigold? Aw. I was hoping they'd stay together. Maybe I'm misreading her actions.
    Awww man. ^ ^; ;

  13. Panel 8 is the most awesome meta I've ever seen!! Dayum!!!

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