#813 + 814 – forget that dump

This is probably the best we get out of Mike: a single-panel origin story, the philosophy life has given him, and a soft reminder that he is the boss and Jane's the subordinate, and any camaraderie between them is tempered by that. There's a lesson to be taken from Mike's words but she isn't there yet; instead she resigns herself to Don's empty little dreams, things she's more aware than him will never happen.

6 thoughts on “#813 + 814 – forget that dump

  1. i love jane very much. she *is* brave.

    but… is she the only major character whose last name we don't know? she was introduced as part of a belle & sebastian joke, but i don't think we ever got a full handle for her.

  2. "Coffe guru has apparently invented teleportation, would rather continue selling coffee than monetize that."

  3. Geez, those are some dead eyes on Jane in that last panel…

  4. "Coffee Guru Hangs Past Failures on Wall" is deeply funny to me

    1. Especially since that headline already seems to be hanging on the wall in the picture that was taken for it.

  5. "Broker Broke After Subprime Choke"
    "Kid Slain: Tot Is Now Angel, page 4"
    "Tiger says he's sorry, but Elin says, 'Beat it, bozo!'"
    ( https://youtu.be/VXi0d3xuuXw?t=66 )

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