#808 – two letters in two hours

Okay so I kind of think this whole scene of the Eves squaring off is a little bit hot?? Is it gonna come back to bite me to say that? Hell no. I am the master of my own horny creation.

I mostly don't experience texting angst anymore, and I'm always angry when I get pulled back into it. Jane is in a terrible position where she has NOTHING ELSE to go by. She has Marigold's texts, her own mind (heavily muddled by lovesickness and these annoying little sprites), and an entire internet of the worst dating perspectives imaginable. We've seen this empty black room before, where time itself is the only escape, but waiting is agony. The best anyone can do in this space is nothing - ignore suspicions, come to no conclusions, just generally mitigate harm - but how often does that happen?

5 thoughts on “#808 – two letters in two hours

  1. I never thought of it as hot, but the shoulder Eves always seemed pretty explicitly sexual. One is the virginal, romantic, sort of flowery side of sex and the other is the more salacious, fiery, but sort of mechanical side of sex.

    Bad Eve's outfit is for sure hot though, like I want that outfit for myself.

  2. Horny and angry are basically the same emotion, that's all you need to know to understand Bad Eve.

  3. UGGGGHHHHH… I had a crush on a guy that communicated like Mar. It was hell. I did everything but literally (and I do mean literally) throw myself at the guy, and he seemed like he liked me, but when I tried to email, text or message him, I could write a paragraph or a newsy letter, or even ask him how he was doing, and all I ever got back in response was "heh, that's cool!". Or "OK!" or "that's too bad". HAAAAAATE!

  4. Maybe the abrupt goodbye was because Mar had a lot to do at work that suddenly occurred to her when seeing the coworkers, or she couldn't think of a good way to continue the conversation in front of them without outing Jane to them (which she doesn't know if she can do safely) or herself (same problem for Jane), or she got nervous about being in love and vulnerable and took the chance to get away for a moment, or some combination of the above. I'd definitely allow a strong likelihood of work being very busy which could also explain why she hasn't written until now. Though it's also exciting to picture Mar hanging over her phone and being terrified of saying anything because she cares so much about Jane and doesn't want to scare her off.

    Well, that's what I'd be telling myself to worry less. Maybe I'm an optimist. (An optimist who isn't dying from stress.)

  5. I’ve gone back and read this chapter in a vacuum without revisiting the rest of the series so many times over the years and I never realized these were Eve’s shoulder personalities. Every day I find out I’ve never been as observant as I thought I was.

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