#807 – as a teen

29 thoughts on “#807 – as a teen

  1. blink is classic, but you gotta add some more animated gifs of construction workers & dancing letters that spell out the webmaster's name. gotta step up the game, jane.

  2. [Jane's quarter-life crisis intensifies]

  3. "Poo". That's a harsh judgement indeed.

  4. Transmaterializer ^^

  5. Commodore Biggles

    I remember being so excited when I discovered how to use frames.


  6. "I mean, building a functional teleporter pad is one thing, but the internet? Even *I* can't make that work right."

  7. Haha, I read "VAHH" with a nice, rich resonance when Jane teleported into the Guild hideout. And that is a sentence I would not have even imagined typing when this arc started.

  8. I love her eyeglasses! And she can code? She's my dream girl!!! I'm so in love with Jane!!

  9. Self-closing "br" tags? Is this XHTML??

  10. I don't think Jane came in by transporter beam.

    Maybe it's a pneumatic tube, like at an old-timey bank. But then she would have arrived with a "FWOOMP".

  11. Just go to Freewebs, bruh.

  12. I just love the phrase “on google’s earth”

  13. George the archon

    It needs tags for that total 90’s vibe.


    1. George the archon

      Oh damn, of _course_ the comments section would swallow unexpected ancient tags… Try:

      “It needs [MARQUEE] tags for that total 90’s vibe.” instead.

  14. thistemporarylifeblog


  15. The comic has been so grounded in reality for what feels like such a long time, this page and it's magical teleporter was kind of jarring.

    1. Yeah..I'm super confused. And kindof just want to get back to Marigold and Jane.

  16. Hasn't the blink tag been deprecated?

    1. Your name is pretty ironic, considering #thatsthejoke

  17. Angelfire was the JAM back in the day. And personalized counters?? Forget about it!

    1. Don't forget the auto-plying embedded MIDI file of Hotel California!

  18. I like the comic relief it provides. Put that emotional turmoil aside, it's time to transmaterialise!

  19. Loving Jane more and more.

  20. They should get Eve to design the logo! Guild: assemble!

  21. "Give it a counter…"

    Man, those four words were really a blow to my prepubescent psyche. As if it wasn't frail enough, Meredith. Thanks.

    Love how her eyes became all huge with the glasses. Hope their version of netscape is current.

  22. I'm having serious '90s flashbacks.

  23. Her glasses!!

    1. I know I'm way late here but no one else seems to have commented on this, are those glasses the same ones the fake nerd mole from the previous guild of ristretto storyline wore/took off? they look pretty similar

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