#804 – okay bye

The previous 2 installments probably stand out way more, but in rereading I'm taken by the sweetness of this page. Jane finally has a moment's relief that she doesn't have to hide her feelings anymore -- only to have it yanked away immediately!! Sucker! Fool!!

I don't know if the line about spitting in her food read very clearly. It was to suggest Marigold's co-workers all hate the boss too, and don't think very much of her birthday treats.

But back to Jane - we've only seen one example early on of her rejection angst, but the tactic was clear: eject to avoid further embarrassment. What would happen if someone she really loved did this to her? Would she.... hate them? Is love conditional like that? Is it possible the feeling that's building in her is a mixture of both extremes?

7 thoughts on “#804 – okay bye

  1. The "spit" line was clear, and I loved it.

  2. Oh, the spitting in boss's food thing definitely reads, at least for me. Maybe you have to have had a crappy boss to get it, but I personally do not know a single person who doesn't fit that description.

    That inability to be completely open hits really hard here. One of the biggest universal gay feelings – of course it applies in many more situations, but this specific incarnation of it, of feeling something so positive and pure and enlivening, and then having to hide that…major spiritual ouchie. That's not to say that I think Mar's hesitancy to be open here is primarily related to the matter of sexuality – I see it as being more to do with a combination of the newness and uncertainty of the situation, her lack of meaningful connections with her coworkers, and her sort of struggle with how she relates to and is perceived by others. Still thought it was worth mentioning though, as someone who has lived through their fair share of this kind of alienation, that this page really struck a chord.

    Also shout out to Jane's bug-eyed expression in panel one. It really matches the "Okay, BYE!!"

  3. I have been wondering: what's Jane's race/ethnicity?

    1. By happy coincidence, someone asked that a few comics ago, and Meredith answered in the comments. It's here: http://www.octopuspie.com/2020-04-20/794-as-indir

      1. Oh! Thank you! ^.^

  4. I loved this page because I totally get both sides. Jane's excited and in the early stages of infatuation, and is also used to all of this, so "Yeah, thanks for the make-out session, uh … text me. Bye!" feels a little brusque. But Marigold's been in a (burgeoning) same-sex relationship for all of twenty minutes and is suddenly faced with the reality of how that might impact her life – it's completely natural for her to need to take some time to figure out what she wants, and to whom she wants to be open about the whole thing.

    It's also just an awkward period for goodbyes, which is what panel three feels like. Too early for "love ya!" and yelling out "I AM INTERESTED IN FURTHER KISSING" doesn't seem quite right, either, but there's still a desire to acknowledge that something has happened.

    1. But what if I AM interested in further kissing? Will declaring it negate a second date? I always strive for clarity in romantic communiques.

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