#805 – guess what happened

Ah, I'm so pleased with the antics on this page, I love to bask in it. Mar's work friends are genuinely menacing, causing her to hold back and ask what actually DID happen. Is there a parallel timeline where she just fucked off from work and spent the rest of the day following this new thread? Or is work a necessary lead-up to her decision? It seems like there's no way to avoid the doom & gloom hanging over this day. As long as responsibilities exist, they need to at very least appear to be the priority.

Wonderful choice by Valerie to separate blue vs. red elements on the page.

13 thoughts on “#805 – guess what happened

  1. Is Hanna still selling pastries to the cafe? If so, then she baked the scones that no one's touching.

    1. throwback to the Victor storyline where no one was interested in her muffins. recurring motif in octopus pie: the unsampled pastries

  2. I have a question … is drunken melon balls (!!) woman the one who Sean ends up with at the very end of the comic? Because she looks super similar and if so, that's a really funny little touch.

    1. Haha that's a funny idea… no, not the same. I think this is the last we see of her – she goes out like she comes in.

  3. "Mar’s work friends are genuinely menacing, causing her to hold back and ask what actually DID happen."

    Ah, is that what she's doing? I thought panel 5 was her suddenly remembering that these two are toxic gossips, and if she tells them the story then everyone in the office will know it by this time tomorrow.

    I like when Octopus Pie leaves the reader to make up their own mind, sometimes.

    1. I think those are both the same thing.

    2. I read it as her realizing the full extent how little these two actually care about her and her life. They aren't friends in any meaningful sense at all. The "What!" without a question mark and the way they both just immediately go back to drinking led me to that assumption, in addition to the fact that they don't even know who Will is. But I can see this reading as well!

  4. I like the guy eating at his desk at the party.

  5. I have to say, a strapless minidress for an afternoon office birthday party is quite a flex.

  6. she just threw her drink right on the fuckin floor, the mad lad.

  7. I like panel 1's framing of the distant introvert still at their desk, behind the schmoozing boss, both in Marigold's preoccupied gaze.

  8. I love the boss subtly highlighted in the first panel. You can tell she's just the worst from that picture alone.

  9. I fell in love with Marigold during this whole sequence. A lot of the Octopie characters seem to think she's a fantastic schmoozer who makes things happen with ease, which is sometimes true, but the reality of her experience at this job is very different. There, no one really sees who she is. Which makes her breakthrough with Jane stand out vividly.

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