#802 + 803 – it’s too damn loud in here

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  1. no you lovebirds watch out for that shark :O

  2. Am i being first? Wow

    I don't have much to say only that I didn't see it coming. And it makee my squeek with joy 🙂

  3. GOOOOOOD ass shit

    1. good shit go?? sHit???? ? ?????

  4. Shit's really cute, y'all..


  6. All of my YES <3

    This is too cute for LIFE.

  7. *squee noise audible only to dogs*

    1. No kidding. I saw this page and every kennel in the county went off.




  9. i love your comic. it makes me feel nice, like i'm getting a glimpse of what being an adult figuring out what life could be.

    1. and as a 26 year old girl living in brooklyn, I gotta say this comic is creepily accurate

  10. Their faces in panel 5 are making me smile so wide => 😀

    1. I've had Mar's expression in that situation.

  11. Special Special Special Special Special Special Special Special Special 1$

  12. Their faces in that fifth panel are the absolute best.

  13. Someone must be chopping onions nearby :,)

  14. Huh, didn't think I'd identify with a signboard so strongly. I too am screaming the word "Special" again and again. I love this, everything is great right now.

  15. Well, that's one way to dodge the boss's potluck.


    1. S

  17. Seems I'm not the only one with a thing for making out near empty construction sites.

    1. I have a thing for making out with other women pretty much anywhere.

  18. "Too damn loud"? Tch! Jane, you smooth cheeky little bugger you XD

    On a related note, it turns out that Marigold had actually been wanting this to happen as much as Jane did (!!?) Am I the only one who's been taken completely by surprise by the revelation?

    1. me too!

      as much as I don't really like Jane, this is a cute-ass comic. "Your heart's pounding"?? awwww.

      1. I know! I'm struggling to deal with the cuteness overdose even now ^^

      2. Janes a bit dominating, asserting and self-referential, but now where as much as Larry.

        Yet, thats why shes perfect for Marigold. She can provide a world for marigold to enter into, that they can share together. Marigold has always been somewhat desperate to escape her own head and live under someone else's .
        ( re:read the beggining of her relationship with Will )

        Nows she comfortable in her own skin, but she needs another persons world she can take a refuge in. ( hence her habitually spa-ing )

        Jane is a world-and-community-builder. Jane can give her that world and refuge.
        I dont just Ship this: I would officiate the marriage

  19. Well, this paid off in the best possible way.

  20. *airhorns*

    1. *jet flyover and complete parade*

    i am so excited and so glad and THIS IS REALLY THE BEST THING I'VE SEEN ALL DAY

    1. all year!!! I thought I was excited for will and eve, but this is more exciting than victor!

  22. It is good story telling when I didn't expect this but it also does not feel unnatural for it to happen.

    1. Marigold's speaking for all of us in this page XD


    1. And they have giraffes on the top floor!

      1. Commodore Biggles

        And Ferris Wheels!

  24. Commence MariJane.
    Eve's gonna be all like 'Whhhaattt?'

    1. MariJane 4eva!!!!!!

    2. I expect Eve to squee like the rest of us 🙂

    3. Hhwwhhaaat?? apparently

  25. this is the happiest page ;_;

  26. "Your heart's pounding" Well this so blushingly sweet that MY heart is galloping like a merry horse in a sunny meadow <3

  27. I like the way in panel 6 the last thing we see is Marigold's hand and purse disappearing around the corner of the construction site.

  28. I LOVE the small glimpse of Mars bag in panel 6 <3 this page is too cute

  29. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????!?!??????


  30. This is pretty freaking adorable.

  31. Panel 5 Marigold's face… looks like Rose Quartz?!!!!

  32. Jane is awfully confident for someone who's had a flamingly obvious crush on Marigold for…how many strips has it been now?? Cuties!

  33. 8D *feeeeeels feels FEELS feels*

  34. D'awww

    This is just too perfect

  35. "Your heart's pounding"
    *tears in my eyes*

  36. I don't know guys, this seems too good to be true! Especially because it's following a segment about how Jane seeks solace by retreating into her head … I'm worried that might be what's happening right now, and we'll snap back to her at the bar shortly. D:

  37. Aw, this is great. I love Marigold's goofy smiles! As for Jane having a crush on her forever, I don;t know about that… she did call Mar basic back here… http://www.octopuspie.com/2014-12-03/733-who-does

    1. Haha, just reread earlier comments. Already been discussed. No worries!

    2. But they also bonded here: http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-02-17/752-753-that… and Jane seems to fumble over her actions and put on some bravado. And she's gettin' her stare on at a be-toweled Marigold doing some fabulous hairdrying and not even trying to appear like she's looking at her phone: http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-03-03/758-placebo-… There was a lot of speculation over Jane's feelings at the time.

      1. RE: #758


        signed, someone with basically Marigold's exact hair color and style that has been known to use it to Get To People

      2. I'm still worried about this relationship, though. It still strike me as an extremely mean thing to call someone 'basic' so…I don't completely trust Jane. But I think that's also because if I met a Jane in real life she'd probably hurt my feelings a lot, so I'm biased. I just hope this goes okay.

        1. Jane said ONE debatably two-faced thing about Marigold ONE time. Have you and the other people harping on it really and truly never done that? Sometimes I say shitty things I barely mean, that I later regret. Sometimes I get unexpectedly close to or touched by people I'd written off. It's a lovely surprise, life is a rich tapestry, and the twinges of guilt I feel are SEASONING for my SOUL.

          I bet that drawing feels bad, and I hope that is enough to satisfy her God and all of you!!!

      3. Hah, I that last one reminds me of a time I went swimming with a friend that I would get together with about a month later, when we both did a bit of staring. Meredith knows how it is.

  38. Remember when Marigold was a bit character whose claim to fame was "making soap out of fuckin' anything?"

    Holy shit.

    1. thats why this is such a good comic, the character development is uncanny

  39. MariJane is a-go people. MARIJANE IS A-GO.

  40. Must add my AAAAHHHHHHHHHH of approval!!!!!

  41. aaaaaaaa <33 someone send help

  42. Look at Jane actin’ all nonchalant in triumph! Playa playa!

  43. okay now, refraining from posting the "good shit" meme to say that I find Mar's big toothy grin of excitement as Jane takes her down the street by the hand to be so sweet and delightful. She was feeling so worn down by all of the day to day grind we saw earlier in the chapter. Then Jane upends it, and she's giddy. I am so happy for this fictional character.

  44. I want to believe i do but something tells me Jane is gonna Will on Marigold and you will break our hearts again Meredith 🙁


    1. Don’t worry! There’s not enough time before the comic ends for all that ??

    I didin't expectativas that xDDDDDD

  46. This can only end well.


  48. I didnt see this coming, and I didnt see Marigold as Bi/ Lesbian ,
    But this ship works on sooooo many levels.

    iT Actually affirms a truth under the Ugly criticism of Marigold that Hannah made,
    ( that she was wearing a mask and hiding her true self ) without affirming the ugliness.

    Mar's relationships with men were needy short and dysfunctional.

    Her same-sex friendships were more healthy. Mar has grown to the point where she doenst need to be in a relationship with a man, but she seems incomplete. Secretly pining for something more she doesnt think she can have. Now she can!

    Their personalities are very complementary: Like a scoop of premium Vanilla Bean ice cream, in rootbeer soda.

    I ship this hard

    1. hear hear! root beer float is an apt analogy. I ship this like a damn pirate!

  49. Oh my.
    Oh dang.
    Oh my oh dang oh my.

    I gotta sit down.
    I am sitting down…?
    Oh my.



    2. I think it (and the Jaws showing) are part of the poster. Apparently it's a residental development built around an amusement park.

  51. Omg omg omg… MY hearts pounding too!

  52. Get a $1 special! It’s SPECIAL SPECIAL SPECIAL!

  53. Fuck Jane, you be legendary smooth.

    1. The smoothness readings are off the freakin' charts.

  54. Which strip did Mar and Jane first meet in? Or was the Halloween party the first time we see them hanging out? (Was it Jane's coffee shop Eve takes Mar to for the Brownout Biscuit??)

    1. Not positive it was the first time but they definitely met before Jane's Halloween party: http://www.octopuspie.com/2013-06-07/606-a-bohemi

  55. omigosh kisseeeeeesssss

  56. thistemporarylifeblog


  57. Loving the building in the background.. as if it's reflected by these guys building something entirely new from scratch. They don't know who or what is going to be in the building once it has been built.. maybe some sharks or giraffes.. on the edge of discovering something completely unknown.

  58. Long time reader, first time posting just to say I love this <3

  59. The're so cute together!

  60. The first best thing about this is MariJane (though it did seem to come out of nowhere a bit). The second best thing is the artist’s rendition of the condo building. The third best thing is Booz brand beer.

    1. A very solid three pronged attack of awesomeness!

  61. *euphoria-induced wretched sobbing for twelve hours*

    OK got that out of my system. The way Marigold reacts is great; it's like she's tasting ice cream for the first time and then realizes that there's more ice cream. And I love both her and Jane's expressions as they make their way through the crowd, like 'Yes!! We're gonna smooch more!'

  62. To come next: a pair of handcuffs falls out of Jane's sack, and Marigold shrieks.

  63. I'm pretty sure that marigold is going to get her wallet stolen in the last panel

  64. I smiled instantly reading this comic and then my smile turned to concern. Something was itching at the back of my head. I remember months ago being really pissed at Jane and I had to figure out why.
    I found it. http://www.octopuspie.com/2014-12-03/733-who-does
    "She seems a little basic for that…"
    This was the first time Jane "looked," looked at Mar and that was her first impression and all the comments burned her for that comment.
    I'm hoping that Jane has learned more about Mar and that she doesn't view her as a basic person that needs to be "fixed," anymore. Cus when Jane isn't being as smooth as a baby bottom on valuer she can be a deeply cutting bitch…just like another woman in Mar's life. And we saw how well that went.
    tl;dr Happy yet concerned about both of their pasts.

    1. That's not how I read that scene. I thought Jane was trying to defuse Hannah's aggressiveness towards Marigold, but didn't want to say anything nice about Mar so she wouldn't get on Hannah's bad side herself. Besides, that's when she was Jane Gatsby at the same party where Mar was playing queen

  65. Anyone else wondering how long Marigold’s been on lunch break?

  66. okay…at risk of seeming ignorant…or drunk, or whatever, I feel like I just wanna say…




    okay. it's out of my system.

    Thank you so much for that. Phew. God. Damn.

  67. Woah Woah Woah are you telling me there is going to be giraffe and ferris wheel in this building? I guess anything is possible with the power of love.

  68. Daaaamn! I loved this! It's been so long since Octopus Pie has been exciting and hopeful. So much mopey over the last few years. It's like the early morning before the sun isn't really up, but the sky is starting to brighten and the dull morning light illuminates what was kept in the shadows, but isn't rejuvenating or bright. Then booom, here come todays pages and suddenly it's full on sunshine everywhere.

  69. Oh my gosh, this is my favourite comic in Octopus Pie ever. Please, Meredith, don't let Marigold hurt again, let this be the happily-ever-after!!

  70. Why do I see comments sometimes where they say the comic is going to end soon..? I feel like I'm super in the loop of Octopus Pie but I never officially heard it was ending? Someone please answer this for me because I'M UNSETTLED

    1. People are always speculating that it happens. Lately, it's because other webcomics have ended their runs, so people are paranoid/worried it's happening with OP, too. No official word from Mer, and that's all that matters. 🙂

  71. So, we still have a good two years of octopus pie?

    Work In Progress, Expected Completion Fall 2017

  72. oh my god, that dizzy feeling

  73. I didnt see this coming at all and I think its awesome and cute x3, but suddenly made me think, where its pudget sean? I wonder how is he gonna react to all this, did he finally moved on? :'c

  74. Am I the only one really hoping that this is the first woman that Marigold's kissed? Because that would make it ten times as awesome.

  75. So is the giraffe/shark/ferris wheel motif to the residential building poster just a humorous background or some specific NYC reference I'm not getting, cuz I am truly lost on that one…

    1. Probably a not-so-subtle comment on the boom of ridiculous luxury housing in NYC (and many other American cities). Places that offer absurd amenities that nobody needs and very few can afford, often built by tearing down historic or otherwise significant places.

      I do a lot of design/marketing for such developments in Chicago and at this point I would not bat an eye if a client asked me to put a giraffe, ferris wheel, and screening of Jaws on a building rendering.

  76. Writing “nod” next to Mar’s head seems like it wouldn’t work, but it’s actually very evocative: I can easily imagine Marigold nodding with that face and d oing it so quickly as to merit a written word as opposed to–geez, I guess nodding would be like 3 panels otherwise. But anyway it adds to the tenderness of the moment.

  77. Okay, so guessing from the Old-Ass Pics at the beginning of the arc (and considering Basic-gate) the next step of this storyline has to be Hanna finding out about MariJane, right? For some reason I care about her reaction the most at this point in the story (sorry Puget Sean/Will/Eve) -although I hope that MariJane don't and that they keep being adorable regardless to what might be about to go down. Eek!

  78. wow, this is just too cute :>


  80. Yay! I like how it's suddenly gotten "too loud." >:) Ohhh Jane, you scamp! You amazing scamp. I'm soo glad this happened.
    My favorite part is – all of it, but I really love how through Mar's faces alone, we can tell that she really is STOKED for this. She's not wondering or questioning or uncertain. She's deciding in the first 2 panels, and boom, panel 3 she's there and giddy for the rest of the strip. I was previously concerned she might not take it seriously, but this really seems to be developing into something deeper. So happy!

  81. clever, using lesbians to divert our attention from the poster of a building with a giraffe
    classic trick, oldest in the book

  82. Wow, just, just… wow. This comic is the best.

  83. Why did I only.discover this comic now!?! ALL ABOARD? THE SHIP!!

  84. just thinking about those scared straight people liek "oh OKAY well umm…."

  85. Happy is me!! Woooooooo!!!!

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