#797 – quiet places

I remember this one being a huge struggle too - tonally, location-wise, Jane's whole thesis statement... just constant rewrites until I had it just so. I've mentioned this before but I love to write stories with the seasons, and this couldn't have been more perfect: the beer garden, the open air feel walking through the indoor bar... summer, baby!

I'd like to give myself credit for NOT FORGETTING to draw the bag of pastries this entire scene! My most egregious error that I generally just don't care enough about is losing characters' bags and accessories. But lo and behold, there it is, on the barstool floor!

6 thoughts on “#797 – quiet places

  1. It's amusing, on this run through the comic, knowing what's coming in advance and having that feeling of "Mar's whole life changes in 3 … 2 … "

    There's a weird anticipation to it even though a) I know what happens and b) I could go look at it right now in the archives if I wanted to.

  2. The last panel might be the cutest Jane in the entire comic

  3. Jane has great boots

  4. What bar is this?! You and Val/Sloane always make these places look amazing. Would love to visit once world stops ending.

    1. This particular bar is not real. Unfortunately, Pacific Standard, the real bar at the end of this chapter, has closed.

  5. I didn't miss bars until I read this

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