#793 – party after lunch

This is a bleak one - mandatory fun at work. In my office days I struggled with the blurred lines of power being wielded and easygoing office banter. Mar seems like the character best equipped for it, at least until life presents something more urgent... but even then? This story has strong work vs. life underpinnings that I'll circle back to, that I continued to explore right up until the end.

3 thoughts on “#793 – party after lunch

  1. Love the slight crazy eye on her boss passive aggressively reminding Mar of her birthday.

  2. I‘mLunchingForRealz

    Something after lunch. . . Isn‘t that the point of having lunch? I read that sentence as yet another indicator of the pretension: Nobody actually eats lunch over lunch, which is why they are having something after lunch. All of which confirms for me that these people in this office don‘t like each other.

  3. I'm far too autistic to pretend to care about social obligations at work. But if they're feeding me, that is an event I will attend for sure!

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