#788 – is it this easy

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  1. With all her issues it can be easy to forget that at her core, Hanna is a pretty good friend to have.

  2. Awe, Hannah is recuperating!

  3. Hanna's proportions compared to everyone else have always cracked me up. Her feet and hands are, relatively, huge.

    1. This is all part of Meredith's magic technique. Her characters can change their hairstyle and clothes; their face can distort into a hilarious manga expression, and you can still recognize them.

    2. Plot twist: Hanna's actually a robot master wearing human skin

    3. I have a similar body type to Hanna. I'm pear shaped (butt) but my feet and hands are HUGE compared to the rest of my body. So it goes.

  4. Best outcome ever!

    1. Agreed!

      Aw, Hannah is growing up a little bit and thinks someone else can do a better job of taking care of a friend than she can.

      1. You've really hit the nail on the head with this -if she'd slept with Larry that would have been totally fine and cool, but her ability to step back with regards to Will's break-up and not try to take control (e.g. in a Brownout Biscuit way) is very subtle but significant character growth. Yay, Hanna!

    2. Yeah, this is way better than I'd expected. Personal growth, warm fuzzies, leaving doors open. Good note to start wrapping up this little arc on.

  5. Hanna's noting it as a nice offer is good enough for me.

  6. Guys.

    Is it…

    …really that easy?

    1. Yes,remarkably so.

    2. Nah, not in general.

      I mean, if you're willing to blow up your spot with your best friend because you just propositioned his oldest friend and she took it the wrong way? If you're willing to do that, then maybe it's that easy.

      Then again, Larry strikes me as a good judge of character. He probably figured he could get away with hitting on her once he heard she was having a difficult time finding anyone to date.

  7. Aw this comic just made we want to wrap Hanna and her nonsensical proportions in a big ol' hug.

  8. Feel you pretty hard in panel 4, Hannah.

    1. Panel 2 feels just as relatable though

  9. cmon Hannah, you know you want on the L-train

  10. Hey cool! Hannah is giving a generous gift, namely: Instead of Larry + I being sex buddies right now, let's have the 2 of us help Will, instead.
    Seriously- thanks for the warm fuzzies, Meredith. : )

  11. <And exhale!>

    Beautiful little moments like this one are what make this strip so special.

  12. I love how the blues and the reds bounce back and forth corresponding to mood.

    Also…is it really that easy? Asking for a friend

    1. YES IT IS.

    2. Based on personal experience… if it's not this easy, its not going to get any easier. For some people it won't be easy at all, and then you meet someone where it IS that easy and it makes such a difference with the longevity of that relationship (whether it's platonic or sexual or romantic or whatever). But it is different for every unique combination of individuals.

      1. Thanks for the in depth answer. I actually am married now, so technically for me now it really is that easy (which rocks my actual socks!). However, before this particular relationship, I've never been one of those people with this particular "easy mode" available, so seeing this is just kind of a… I dunno, disorienting.

  13. Larry's little "aw, you didn't think it was?" in panel 4 is so endearing and it's like he's saying, "I'm so sorry you were mislead to think that," and it's honestly just so relatable and comforting.

  14. the last panel could be interpreted as very good material for willarry shippers

    1. alt-last-panel.png

  15. The subtle coloring on the speech bubbles is a super neat touch!

  16. So proud of Hanna right now. It takes a lot of effort to get past your own moods and hang-ups, and it's nice to see her being that strong at her core when she knows her friend is in that difficult sort of mentality.

    I love this comic, but I especially love this comic when I get to see everyone being good bros. :>

  17. YES! Go Hannah for the win!
    wooot friendship

  18. jeez I really want Larry's haircut

  19. I thought Larry was holding the plant in the third to last panel like some kind of casual-sex-havin' Pikmin character.

  20. I love how you used separate text bubbles on different sides to signify a pause in the sentence. I don't recall seeing that anywhere else.

  21. My prediction post-the last comic was that this one would begin with Hanna laughing for quite a long time. But this is so much better, in a multitude of different ways.

  22. Another reason why this is the greatest webcomic on the web of comics.

  23. It never ceases to amaze me how you manage to capture the essence of human interaction so perfectly. A thousand words of narration couldn't do what you've done in six panels, and they certainly couldn't make me feel… connected…? to the world around me simply by reading it and understanding that someone else has felt the same way. All from six panels. Bravo.

  24. Does anyone know when Larry first appeared in OP? I want to compare his appearance of then to now. I feel like it will be pretty drastic in a great way.

  25. I'm really starting to like Larry, which has come as a great surprise to me

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