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  1. That smile in the last panel – she's gonna twist that knife until she stops hurting

  2. *shovels popcorn into mouth*
    Dis gonna hurt.
    *empties garbage can of popcorn into mouth*

  3. oh jesus will's face in the 4th panel

    he's askin' for it

    1. you can HEAR the condescending sigh. you can HEAR it.

      this is so good.

    2. "It's okay if you do." Well, gee, thanks for the permission. Yes, this promises to be highly satisfying.

      Of course, knowing Meredith, there's a 50/50 chance we'll be feeling sympathy of Will by the time it's over.

      1. I would say not so much "knowing Meredith" but "knowing Will's fandom."

  4. Here's hoping we finally see why they broke up! They were oepn after all, i was really surprised when it happened (or that it was even relevant, Aimee wasnt really in the comic much)

    1. It's possible to cheat in an open relationship. It's all about trust and being honest, and whatever he did apparently broke her trust.

  5. I thought she was over the moon?

    1. that was sarcasm.

      1. Oh i took that scene to mean he was angry that she was relieved they broke up. But i guess you’re right.

    2. She probably is over the moon, in a rocket that is powered by all her negative feelings.

    3. Sarcasm bruh

  6. Last panel: Ouch. Uh-oh…

  7. I always pictured her with brown hair!!! And not so tanned… Amazing what colour can do. And I am also hoping to see some of the reasoning behind Will ending it with Aimee…

  8. When I first saw her I thought she was gonna be really kind and sweet but now……..

  9. pretty sure i've said the content of the last three panels verbatem -__-

  10. Or more precisely, she's the ethos and worldview of Aimee Mann's songs poured into a container that looks a lot like Aimee Mann is named "Aimee."

    But who would break up with Aimee Mann? She would just go and write a killer pop ditty about it.

    In our endeavor we are never seeing eye to eye
    No guts to serve us so forever may we wave goodbye
    And you're always telling me that it's my turn to move
    When I wonder what could make the needle jump the groove

    I won't fall for the oldest trick in the book
    So don't sit there and think you're off of the hook
    By saying there is no use changing 'cause

    That's just what you are
    That's just what you are

    1. First comment didn't post:

      She is so literally Aimee Mann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6t8WztwO_BQ

    2. ? What's the deal? Not trying to be reductive, but the influence is pretty clear to me. Even if the character isn't a homage, she's at least partly inspired by Aimee Mann's music. And the cool thing is that gives us a reference for what might be going on in Aimee's emotional world right now

      1. If you're asking "why didn't the comment post right away?" I think it's that comments with links in them have to be approved by hand, so the place doesn't get overrun by spam. (Not that I have any inside information, but this is often how it is.)

        So don't be mad: It's not you, it's the filter.

  11. That last panel reminds me a lot of Eve's sarcastic smirk in the flashback of this arc. Can someone say ~*~PARALLELS~*~?

    (But seriously, ouch, not another nasty break-up again :c)

  12. I can't get over the feeling the amazing coloring in this one evokes. Octopus Pie has really dialed up the emotional content over the past year or so, and I'm loving how the hues in each strip so acutely portray the mood and convey a particular feeling.

    That aside, Aimee is suddenly terrifying…

  13. Wow its hard to believe that this comic is 783 pages and counting

  14. Panel 1 description: Aimee glares at New York City. All of it.

    1. Glare at all the city! >:(

      Glare at ALL the city? <:(

  15. I thought the terms of their relationship were pretty clear? She isn't around, they aren't exclusive, she is around they are.

    So that means something must have happened to prompt her to claim he didn't take those terms seriously.

    Unless she was expecting him to be exclusive to her when they were apart, even if she wasn't? Or that she wasn't expecting him to not take advantage of the "we're not exclusive if we're apart" type of thing?

    can't wait to see how this plays out!

    1. One of the things I love about Octopus Pie is how much is *omitted*. As a reader, I feel I've got some idea of the terms of their relationship — but we don't follow these characters around faithfully all day every day. We get little snapshots now and again, and have to fill in the blanks (sometimes quite big ones). So I'm very willing to believe that the terms of their relationship are a little more involved than what we've been shown so far. I think we're about to learn a lot…

    2. I think part of it might be taking the relationship ITSELF seriously. Or maybe letting his heart wander (with Eve?) while he's supposed to be committed to Aimee… but some people can't do that kind of relationship, Will might be one of those people.

      I have a feeling that, if Will thinks he and Eve are going somewhere after he frees himself.. he's going to be disappointed, at least for awhile.

    3. I think the conflict is in how he interpreted the terms of their relationship, or at least how he revealed himself to have interpreted them. When Aimee came to the city Will was very much involved with Marigold, and Marigold was under the impression that they had something very serious. Will does not reveal this, instead he says that he’s not really seeing anyone (though Aimee sensed the lie it didn’t seem to create any ripples, he broke up with Mar anyway). When we learn the terms of his relationship with Aimee, it’s from Wills point of view, as he’s explaining it to someone else. His problem seems to be honesty, even with himself. As far as he knows, those WERE the terms of the relationship.

      1. Oops, I meant to mention how he wasn’t serious about marigold. Crap.

    4. I'm not exactly sure where they were either, but I thought they were in some kind of serious open relationship. This implies more then just friends with benefits (or another, more crass term involving "buddies"). I've been in an open relationship for 5 years. There's something deeper then just hookups – trust, confidence in one another, deep friendship, even love.

      I always thought the "open" part of an open relationship implied physical moreso then emotional needs – but if you're going to bring another emotionally-involved party into the fray, you'd better tell your partner about that.

      So yeah, I could definitely see how, even as an open relationship, Will didn't "take the terms of [their] relationship seriously." Although it's open, there are definitely terms that are deeper then just hookup buddies.

      If I have interpreted this story correctly, it could be a really interesting insight into this kind of relationship, which people assume is some kind of cop-out. I tell people and they often roll their eyes, and you can hear them thinking "so ___ buddies then." But it really is different. I hope Aimee talks about that some.

    1. I'm older now and realize those panels in the second link where Aimee looks kind of sad is not her sympathizing with Will's complete inability to commit to anything. It's Aimee listening to the guy she's seeing essentially tell her he's not actually interested in being with her and trying to be The Cool Girl ™ anyway.

  16. What "relationship"?

    1. I believe an open relationship – I made a more in-depth comment above. Unless you're saying they didn't really discuss terms and Aimee assumed it as such… which could definitely be the case. *sigh* All aboard the drama train!

  17. This is before the scene with Hanna, right?

    1. I think so! Would explain Hannah's question earlier, "how did aimee take it?" and why he threw the pan

  18. GET 'IM, AIMEE


  19. This has been my opinion of Will for a while. Because Amy is right. I don't understand why so many readers romanticize Will.

    When it comes to relationships, Will is That Asshole Your Friend Is Dating.

    1. I strongly agree. I really like Will as a character, and he seems like a pretty cool guy for the most part, but I cannot wrap my head around the persistence of the hardcore Will-Eve shippers. They get along well, but I stopped feeling like they'd be a good long-term/serious match way back when he was ending things with Marigold and starting to get with Aimee. He's a person that was putting himself in lousy situations and trying to disown responsibility for it on a pretty consistent basis, and while he can be a great friend, a good employee, or maybe even a fun date/hook-up, he needs to change a lot before getting too involved with him would be a good idea.

      This story-arc looks like he's finally starting to make real efforts towards it (Watsonian: possibly inspired by everyone else's changes/Doylist: Meredith recognizes Will's patterns and wants him to grow up before taking him and Eve further), but change tends to come slow, and difficult, so I feel like a 'wait-and-see' attitude is more appropriate here.

  20. you don't get to victimize yourself to the person you just broke up with, will. that's like begging to be dragged to hell and back.

    1. But isn't she the one victimizing? His immediate response is 'you're right I was a jerk' and she turned around with 'no you can't just say that, I have to make you feel as bad as I do right now'. Which is kind of immature.

      1. well, she only said she wanted to say a lot of things, and also happens to be very angry. then he said "yes, i'm an asshole," but what for, even? did he just "admit" he's an asshole to make her feel… what? regret? sympathy? guilt? (why are they even trying to talk now anyway?) that's also sort of immature and very much like will – he never wants to deal with the ugly stuff. unfortunately for will, breakups are (often) ugly and they bring out the worst in most people.

        1. Or maybe he admitted it because he accepts that it's true? Why does it have to be manipulative? Aimee is being really childish about this, which yes is probably because they just broke up and she's hurting. He is trying to deal with it for once in his life, but she's just lashing out.

        2. or he said it as a blanket statement to deter her from going into detail about how much he hurt her? saying "yeah, i was wrong, i'm an asshole" always seems like a way to shut the other person up before they have a chance to make you feel like crap by expressing how much you hurt them. it's selfish.

      2. “Kind of” immature. Hah! I think it’s very immature. Which is pretty odd.

  21. I'm curious to see what she'll say. It didn't seem like either party had been wronged, just broken up with.

  22. I have no sympathy for Aimee or Will really. They both suck at relationships.

  23. I love Will, he's relatable and like so many endearing ppl I know in my life. But he is a fuckboy through and through

  24. I love Will to pieces but I can't get over how much she fucking *slams* him in that third panel

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