#780 – spit out at square one

Mistaking longevity for experience is one of the cringier aspects of my own history. The longest failed relationship I've had was 4 years. Before that, 3 years. What did I learn in that time about love, intimacy, cohabitation? Not much. Most of the learning happened in the gap between the relationships. Once I was committed to someone I was safe from the hard lessons - wounds open but sterile - caught in a fond stasis.

Anyway this was meant to be the most dangerous moment, their shadows black against the wall, where Hanna and Will could really screw this up. I guess you (or I!!) could argue that they already have, being intertwined in so many ways. How long CAN this be sustained? How long can you be codependent on a person with this kind of baggage? I mean, potentially forever. But the potential for misery is as deep as any affection.

6 thoughts on “#780 – spit out at square one

  1. Being able to see everyone else's bullshit is little help, Will. You only know when you're doing it wrong, not when you're doing it right. Like asking a music critic (even a really good one) to play a 12-string guitar. Hanna looks like she knows that in the last panel.

    1. Being able to see through people's bullshit means that Hanna knows what Will is saying is partly bullshit. She has no illusions about the object of his envy or her "togetherness."

  2. i love the last panel, makes it feel like she's moving away from the situation

  3. my asexuality is showing because i picked up on zero hannah/will danger-zones. I just thought they were pals being pals!

  4. I love how much work is done by the ellipsis between "you're not" and "!".

    This reprise reading is even better than the first time through. Thanks very much!

  5. When I was this young I’d be impressed by someone calling me “Argus panoptes”.

    Hell, I’d still be. I had to look up what it means!

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