#760 – what a lovely girl

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  1. Hah. Got picked on by the elderly.

  2. Whew! I was afraid they were going to pinch her cheeks, too. They let her off easy.

    1. No, I think what they did was far worse. Condescension, with a hint of knowledge born of experience left ungiven.

      1. She was condescended to whether they pinched her cheeks or not. So by not also getting the cheek pinching, she got off easy.

      2. No shade like Old shade

        1. And no spice like Old spice.

      3. Um, what?
        She was condescended to whether they pinched her cheeks or not. But they didn't pinch her cheeks. So she got off easy. Because insult and injury is worse than mere insult.
        And thanks for assuming I didn't notice how blatantly sarcastic and patronizing the little old ladies were. You are totally the only person in all the internets that spotted it.

      4. Well put.

      5. If the knowledge could be given, it would have been. But it's the kind we can only learn by experience. It's the story of every journey to adulthood.

  3. Well, that went much better than expected XDXDXDXD

    1. I think that's a matter of perspective…

  4. I can never tell if the elderly are mocking me or not.

    1. Oh sweetie…we are *always* mocking you!

    2. They are. Always. Yes, Eben then.



  6. Eve and Jane came all the way back from the future to do this. That’s dedication to the timeline.

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    1. Hi John, feel free to send me an e-mail about it! punkybird at gmail!

  8. Gotta love the mixed feelings on Mar's face in the last panel… getting scolded by the elderly is always enlightening eh?

  9. Could be wrong, but those elderly folk look a tad like aged versions of Eve and Jane…which adds a bit of depth and hilarity.

    1. Oh my God, you're right. Talk about hiding a point in plain sight!

    2. That is interesting! Although I think it’s just because they’re both the same race, and the simplification that comes with comics, means the same features get used. 🙂

    3. … Haha, you're right! Also, now I can't unsee it.

    4. Somehow that doesn't seem like a coincidence. Young Jane and Eve leave, Mar gets scolded by Old Jane and Eve for being so full of it.

    5. Goood catch!

    6. Eve and Jane are time travelers. That first panel. "You sure? I can't tell…" "Oh yeah, it's her." It's because Jane hasn't seen young Marigold in so long, she doesn't remember what Marigold looks like.

      1. There's lots of depth to that. I think it also signifies that Marigold is acting out a sort of false identity, and the real her being 'hard to see.' Which then connects to the 'blind leading the blind' comment below. The dialogue in this comic was very well done.

    7. Oh dang, you're totally right!

  10. Loving the contrast between the last panel and the last panel of two strips before. Both focus on Mar’s hair and the light shining on her, but here it’s mussed hair and an honest, revealing light.

  11. Mer got spite-niced

  12. Love all the random old people in this arc.

  13. "These kids keep getting more hilariously inept every year!"

  14. I enjoy the "watch the trash can" from her friend as she talks about the blind leading the blind.

  15. Heh, I called it, at least partly. (Meredith boiled it down to the essentials, that's classy plotwork.)

  16. I don't think you could have picked an ending to make me smile more.

  17. Yessss!!! In your fa… hair?

  18. I feel like this is New York's version of "bless your heart."

  19. Hello, young lady.

    Behold… YOUR FUTURE!!!

  20. Didn't one of those ladies throw a rock early in the story? I guess they're a lot more mellow post-spa.

    1. If they're NOT mellow post-spa, then it must be a pretty bad spa.

  21. Did no one notice that these are the two old ladies Mar stole the shuttle van's seats from? http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-01-26/744-spa-day/

    1. I believe everyone had completed noticing that in the previous strip.

  22. They got literally the most ultimate revenge they could've gotten in the situation.


  23. That's possibly the best ending expressing on any story.

  24. Those little old ladies are definitely Hannah's minions.

  25. Eve and Jane came all the way back from the future to do this. That's dedication to the timeline.

  26. i really like it 🙂

  27. Is it weird that I think the funniest thing about this is the fact that the ads on the side of the page are for AARP? More than that, there's a white haired lady with another wearing a ponytail in the ad.

    1. YES and even more so since we're viewing them from behind as they walk away, as in panel 6! Uncanny. (Plus "Support and Advice…" because clearly they are fans of advice.)

  28. Fucking finally,

    Somebody throws Mar off her High, Pretentious Horse

  29. I love how the blind leading the blind comment is followed by her friend telling her to watch her step before she crashes into a large obvious object. How would you describe that coincidence, its not really satire is it?

  30. "What a lovely girl"!!!
    Ha ha ha 😀

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