#760 – what a lovely girl

"The blind leading the blind" sums up pretty much the whole advice/inspo influencer economy, though! Where would we be without it, especially during a health crisis???

Of course it isn't fair to place all the blame on age - people of all ages do this from a place of (at best) naivete. Yesterday a bunch of famous people decided it would cheer us up to watch a collage of them singing from inside their Hollywood mansions. If anything better illustrates the value an idiot assigns themselves from a position of power, well, I don't think I have the stomach to watch it. What were we talking about?

7 thoughts on “#760 – what a lovely girl

  1. Actual wisdom bitches in the wild, mussing hair and dissing youth with compliments. Mar‘s realization that she‘s been punked by the women she cut off the van that morning is a delight.

    1. Them exiting the spa around the same time suggests a second van came around to pick them up rather quickly after Marigold cut them off. I'm kinda glad about that.

      1. I think they had to take the bus instead.

  2. So that was 100% future Eve and Jane, right?

    1. You know…I hadn't thought about it then, and I'm still surprised that I hadn't when you suggested it now.

      Yeah, I see it!

  3. Everybody has had the experience of becoming older and thinking they've become wiser. More than once…

    It's fine to share a little bit of your reflections with other people but realize everyone's on a different journey even if the shape looks familiar.

  4. As this strip shows, the blind are leading the blind at every age–it just gets more literal as the age goes up.

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