761 + 762 – reset button

Bless Valerie for all the times I forgot a detail, like strips on a shirt, and she colored it in anyway.

A little mask off by Eve at the end, professing how bad her friends are for being critical of anything she does.

Joe's Shanghai is a restaurant - once upon a time - that had a long line, to-- okay, no, I'm getting ahead of myself. So, restaurants were these places other than your house that you'd go to eat food, and...

5 thoughts on “761 + 762 – reset button

  1. I love the little chat about Eve and Jane becoming friends. I've had a couple friendships progress this way, and it's so true to life and makes me smile.

  2. It's not Park? Is it Will?

  3. Nice little coronavirus reference at the end of your commentary, there 🙂 I can see you want to date your pop culture references even now that the comic is over 😛

  4. I like the late afternoon winter sunlight. And of course, everything else.

  5. You explaining restaurants to the future readers made me giggle irl

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