#751 – aaaa

I didn't give myself enough opportunities to do dumb poses, considering how much I enjoy it. But I guess it's a little indulgent. I love Valerie's "stamping" of the hot areas, with Eve having 2 separate hot cheeks in the last panel.

In the bigger picture I think this shows a fundamental similarity between Eve and Jane, a childish fright of doing the wrong thing and a shrinking fear of authority that makes it difficult for them to progress. Their solution to a hot surface is a very short-term one: plant another part of your body where it hurts, redistribute the pain.

3 thoughts on “#751 – aaaa

  1. As a health and wellness thing, this is so ridiculous that it must be real.

  2. I’m really enjoying the splotches of bright coral (?) showing where Eve’s getting too warm for comfort.

    I’ve never been in a salt room or anything like this, and the wordless communication of what’s happening here is incredible. Gets the point across well.

    1. (Ugh. I mean both of them, not just Eve.)

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