#745 – hey

Val brought a lot of pastels to OP - that was evident from the jump! It's especially perfect in this first story where the girls are trying to relax.

2 thoughts on “#745 – hey

  1. Old ladies… they're the worst. Or the best, depending. They've had 70 years of your crap and they just don't give a damn any more. So f@#$ your societal niceties. F@#$ your standing in line, we're barging right to the front. F@$#% your 'don't take all the crab legs and stuff them in your plastic lined purse', I've had four husbands and six kids and it's all about me now!

    Oh, and dear, that look doesn't suit your face, you'd just look so nice if you'd smile. Here, have a werther's candy.

  2. Is this a realistic representation of the NY Spa King experience? Or is it just Octopus Pie surrealism rearing its head?

    Did Marigold & co. have to make a reservation or is the van just there to pick up random people? Either way, your van's that big and it's full at four people? Bad call, van driver! Seems like the spa's got some serious bad business practices going on there.

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