#737 – you want in on this?

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  1. Every time Will and Eve are in a panel together, I hear an angelic chorus.

  2. On one hand, it must suck for Hanna seeing people carefree and happy with themselves and others while it slowly eats away at her.

    On the other hand, *ahem*

  3. That's right eve, eerry dayyy…

  4. Are they smoking? Eve’s come a long, long way.

    1. I think just Will is smoking.

      1. In more than one way, one might say.

      2. She is being excessively silly, though, so maybe you're right.

        1. I was wondering about that too! I didn't notice the curl of smoke and the lighter at first, but when I did notice it, it made me think "damn, is Eve high?"

          Not that Eve needs pot to get giggly over silly stuff (she's Eve, right?), but it makes me wonder.

          Meredith, the way you nest all these details in every frame of your comic is a sheer delight (and it was lovely meeting you at DCAF a while back, sorry for getting all awkward superfan on you)!

        2. I'm sure she at least has a contact high from being around Will… and his SMOKIN' BOOTY

          okay no yeah she's a little stoned

        3. Maybe I'm being too anal about this, (ha! anal..) but for the record…

          Meredith doesn't make a point to make it obvious (except for that strip, of course) but Eve has definitely AT LEAST achieved the status of casual smoker. And if I was hanging out with a drug dealer, I know that I'd more likely be stoned than not stoned.

          Given these variables, we can infer with a high degree of certainty they are both equally high as fuck.

          Cuter than hell, regardless. And gahdamn Will is way paler than I thought!

      3. eve smokes weed now.

  5. D’aww, look how in sync Will and Eve are with their body language in the last panel.

  6. Grapes: The Sexiest Fruit™.

  7. I don't get the whole 'you want in on this?' joke. are the grapes supposed to be a reference to the halloween comic? Eve? Grapes? Wanting in on the joke, but there is no joke?

    1. Possibly a reference to Will having asked Eve if she wanted in on his blunt (smoke in the first panel). My best guess. 🙂

    2. You might be reading too much into it. Eve is offering Will some grapes. That's it.

    3. Stoner humor?

    4. I think that's the point. We're very much in Hanna's shoes right now, walking in on this inside joke between Will and Eve who are in their own little world at the moment. Like any inside joke between a couple or close friends, outsiders won't 'get it'. Once again, Meredith showcases brilliant pacing and writing by having Hanna walk in on such a moment, really cranking up the isolation factor.

      God I love this comic.

      1. OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO RIGHT! Plus, it's like that time (those times? I can recall at least one) where we were Eve, walking in on Marek and Hanna giggling in their own coupleuniverse! EXCEPT REVERSED.


    5. wahaha. I agree with all of the last comments, the writing here is brilliant!

      BUT i also just think that it's really fucking funny to ask someone if they want in on….grapes.

  8. Man, I'd love some grapes right about now eve. Don't be stingy! Chew Chew Pass, Eve!

  9. "Grapes."
    "What's that, a podcast?"
    "It's from GRAPES."

  10. They care so much.

  11. Hey, they’re eating those green whatevers.

  12. Have Eve and Hanna switched places? Eve questioning her work/relationships/happyness/direction and then finds something to hold on to with Will. Hanna now questions her work/relationships/happyness/direction after losing Marek and having nothing to hold on to. It's two different starting points, one not having had a relationship in a long time and the other having been in a relationship for a long time, but they both seem to react the same way to their lonelyness. They put their entire lives on the chopping block, and start dissecting them, albeit one more angrily.

  13. Whoa, Will is blonde???? I always pictured him darker. I love seeing all the characters in color!!!!

  14. Will's got his sexy stubbly side-eye going and no Eve can resist that.

    1. Neither can I.

  15. Guhhh I don't want to like Will/Eve because Aimee's done nothing wrong but the ship is so strong. : (

    1. Well think about it this way, in real life people break up all the time because it just isn't right. Nobody does anything wrong particularly its that they just dont work over time. I have several relationships that ended that way. I also get the impression from the conversation will had with his roommate after the coconut date that he probably ended things with her.

  16. ahahaha they look so guilty

  17. See, I totally read this as Will and Eve are gonna explore another person's body, and Hanna comes in grumpy and they need to be all supportive but are trying to cool off.

  18. Been reading Octopus Pie since the 2nd storyline was produced, watching the art change over time. Definitely seeing color affect your style – rapidly. The imagery seems softer now. It's hard to describe… like… your linework is… subtracted, and the color is imparting what the B&W use to shoulder alone? It's really neat!

    1. Yeah! Speaking as an artist who mostly does B/W stuff, you have to change your style a lot to work with color without being overpowering and busy. It's a really tricky balancing act to learn, and OP does it beauuuuuuutifully.

  19. Omg, Eve and Will are ADORABLE

  20. Ok, guys….

    Eve and Will are stoned. You see the smoke in the first panel because they just hit the pipe, or whatever. The grapes joke is not funny, and does not have any special significance, other than showing that they are both high, and will laugh retardedly at nothing.

  21. I really like Happy Eve.

  22. I dunno. I thought this was about perfect. I read it as Eve gently mocking Will’s shady lifestyle – which is the closest Will’s had to acceptance of it from her, which is joyously unexpected and relieving and gives him every reason to giggle like a loon. This sets her off too. Maybe they are both stoned, but they don’t have to be for this to make sense. It’s intimate, and it’s interrupted totally by Hannah.

  23. The grapes are in a bowl. The grapes are green. She's offering some to the person next to her after having some.

    Green stuff in a bowl being passed around? Yeah.
    EXCELLENT visual clues without actually showing the act.

    I love how casual they are now. I keep thinking back to how awkwardly they danced around each other and now it's so easy!

  24. Omg, Eve and Will are ADORABLE

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