#612 – a successful night

July 1st, 2013

#612 – a successful night


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  1. Effef says:

    Same Eve. Same.

  2. Bramer says:

    Somewhat surprising to see Eve smoking, though it makes sense.

  3. Japong says:


    This is a thing of beauty.

  4. Roger says:

    Don't know which Eve's face I like the most…

  5. Sleeps says:

    omg her little face

  6. Omnithea says:

    There is a giant stick somewhere in the apartment. I don't know who removed it, but kudos to whatever person managed to get that close to Eve without getting mauled.

  7. Moustache says:

    Eve does *gasp* DRUGS?

  8. toopickyiguess says:

    cards against humanity is just as shitty as apples to apples but with a shock value, feigned creativity

  9. William says:

    the last panel speaks to me

  10. ExquisiteCadaver says:

    Eve looks like Ponyo in the last two panels XD haha

  11. redearth18 says:

    oh my god, the last panel… perfection

  12. A J says:

    Eve smokes weed now! Oh things change.

  13. Jprime says:

    Is the the guy in panel six whose breaking the fourth wall and giving us the hairy eyeball supposed to be Puget Sean? Because he looks like the neurotic twenty-something version of Harold of Purple Crayon fame! (Maybe he's just freaked to see Eve stoned and happy).

    • jack says:

      I think he's super high and paranoid from getting smoked up by Hannah.

      • sthetics says:

        The way I see it, he just saw Meredith leave with the excuse that she has to get up early for work… but Monday is probably DAYS from now, and what's actually happening is that she is in a hurry to bang the photographer, who she's leaving with. Puget Sean is upset because he has a crush on Meredith, but she doesn't like him that way.

  14. rikushix says:

    Just when I think I've seen the best Eve face….Meredith draws an even better one.

  15. sthetics says:

    Oh man, Puget Sean's all WHO'S SHE LEAVING WITH!

  16. Knifegirl86 says:

    Cards Against Humanity?! Hells yeah!

  17. Emily says:

    i love it.

  18. Bernadette says:

    It's weird how often I've been Eve in that last panel! It's almost like it's a recurring experience.
    Meredith is so spectacular at everything.

  19. Eversist says:

    Dat side-eye in panel six

  20. Lazarus says:

    Greg. Listen man. You are never gonna get with Eve. Okay? Not happening.

  21. wykstrad says:

    Oh, Greg… one would think you learned your lesson during those two months when you showed up everywhere with your deluxe Settlers of Catan box and acted like you just happened to have it on you.

    Don't tell me you didn't do that, Greg, we both fucking know you did.

  22. rik says:

    poor, angry sean :(

  23. Crancher says:

    Poor Sean.

    And man, I can't believe is one of those types of smokers. You can tell she's just started.

  24. TRthedude says:

    WoW! the last panel made me burst out laughing.

    I think that since the "dick pulp" event, that Eve is beginning to loosen up a lot!

    Go Eve!

  25. Mike says:

    Since when does Eve smoke pot?

    • Steve B. says:

      Eve's dialogue implies that this is either a relatively recent phenomenon, or a relatively rare event. She's the only person present who is still impressed by the fact that they're all smoking weed, and being high still seems to be a novel experience for her. I mean, don't get me wrong, you'll meet some veteran potheads who never stop acting like that, but Eve doesn't strike me as the type.

      After you've been high more than a handful of times, talking about how high you are is the pot-smoking equivalent of talking about the weather. It's just meaningless pap that extroverts can use to fill up every silence with more pointless talk. Introverts like Eve just shut up about it once they're accustomed to being high.

  26. Commodore Biggles says:

    Is it weird that the first thing that surprised me is that it's obviously a Technics deck in the first panel?

  27. Tony says:

    I looked at a date on a different page thinking this was posted in 2012. I was afraid there was some kind of hiatus going on or something. Thank goodness I clicked the comments link. The posting date is recent. Hopefully there won't be any hiatuses in the near future because I want to be checking back periodically to see how things turn out for these people.

    I'm not sure what to think of Eve smoking pot but its interesting to see how the character has evolved since the beginning. Can't wait to see what happens next.

  28. Nolan says:

    I can't remember her actively NOT smoking pot. I think she didn't want to date Will because he sold drugs, not because he used them.

  29. Jonathan says:

    I felt like I had a really strong connection to Eve because she was herself and she didn't seem to give into peer pressure or anything. Not saying that she gave into peer pressure or anything for smoking what she had originally been so against but I do feel like I lost a little of the connection I had to her before.

  30. KB says:

    I love it when my non stoner friends toke up every once in a while. Eve rules.

  31. Rube Rubeberg says:

    Now I wanna hit thit.

  32. Bruno Guedes says:

    With Eve, when the party is done, it is FUCKING DONE! OuO

  33. edsvgfs says:

    I'm wondering if this is when Hanna starts to notice weed doesn't make her high anymore.

  34. mmkstarr says:

    Such good times.