#734 – same though

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24 thoughts on “#734 – same though

  1. Can this just turn into The Craft 2: Brooklyn please?

  2. …or maybe you're just self-centered and childish. I mean, I like you as a character Hanna, but you should also consider that possibility.

    1. what's wrong with being self-centered and childish??

  3. Going to a reading: just terrible.

  4. So… Hanna is embracing the dark side? Nice!

    1. Some people say that I'm a bad guy, they may be right, they may be right. But it's not as if I don't try, I just fuck up, try as I might.

      1. I'm not good, I'm not nice, I'm just right.

  5. Well, she /is/ into stirring up new confections and using various herbs. Though I hope this storyline doesn't end in her poisoning Marigold.

  6. I like where this is going.

  7. But… Didn’t Jane organize a book club that was actively discussing a book that one time? Not quite a reading, but not abject disengagement.

    1. The difference being that this was HER book club, and thus she was not guilted into it.

  8. Cauldron, large mixing bowl… po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

  9. Hey, everything's blue. I like it.

    C'monnnnnn, unironic coven.

  10. it's a lot easier to find a new identity that incorporates being a turd into it rather than changing turdish behavior

    1. More satisfying, too!

  11. Everyone only cares about themselves, I dunno where she gets "Pleasing others is the game." No the "game" is getting others to be pleased by you while only caring about yourself, it's the few that bother to give a shit about others, rather than themselves, that refuse to play.

    1. When has Jane been right about *anything*?

      1. right now

    2. Exactly. I don't know where Jane is getting this idea that they're both denying to play this "game" she's describing. It sort of feels like it's coming out of left field to me :/

      If anything, Jane seems to be part of the game you described and doesn't even realize it, thinking herself to be authentic and "not caring" what people think when in actually she sort of seems to care a little too much about it.

  12. Witches be trippin', amiright?

  13. Witches get snitches. Golden ones.

  14. "That's just a repackaged princess, you goon." Nice.

    Also, the new layout looks great! The color combination works well.

    Also also, Jane's Gatsby costume. <3

  15. seriously tho, which is "the game": pleasing others at the expense of honesty to get the "reward" of social reciprocity, or getting people to respect your honesty in being yourself? Does it depend on who you are at your core? Introvert vs. Extrovert? because we can't pretend that some people are just giving a shit about others for no reward, the reward is feeling like a "good" person. I feel like this is also a gender expectation thing… women are often socially expected to take care of everyone else's feelings before their own (at least publicly), and not doing that is seen as bitchy. Men are often socially expected to be more self-serving, so when a man goes out of his way to think of others first, he's seen as amazingly considerate, but also still suspected of having ulterior motives. (Before we get into it, of course I'm talking generalizations here)
    So, would you rather try to make everyone happy even when you're not feeling it and have people think you're nice but fake, or would you rather be seen as honest and have less friends?
    (that said, yeah Hanna is just childish)

  16. 4th panel… brilliant

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