#729 – backsliding

I wish there'd been another beat to show Don reflecting on the shitty party, but oh well. Not the choicest part of the page. But I did once go trick-or-treating on the upper east side with a bunch of college students who barely bothered to put a costume together. One guy was literally dressed like this. We got full-sized Snickers bars out of those people. Tr(eat) the rich.

8 thoughts on “#729 – backsliding

  1. In college we went caroling for Halloween. Noticed that in general the older folks loved it, teenagers who got stuck with door duty stared at us trying to parse what was going on.

  2. Ironically, that would be the best time to keep working out.

  3. Yeah Don’s line really confused me, since he’s also smiling. It’s the only panel in OP I waaay over-thought, like thinking he was talking to Marek and thinking “this sucks” that Hanna is also there.

  4. Hmm … I kinda really like the second panel. It feels like Don has put on his happy party face sort of without thinking about it, is maintaining it even while realizing that he doesn't want to be there, and is possibly even amused by that fact. I've found myself laughing at how shitty a situation is, before, so that's how I always read this one.

  5. Do we have any theories about why Don's frankenstein monster costume might be "an earnest projection of how he sees himself", as Jane said?

  6. I have been Don, or at least see something familiar in cheerfully summarizing that your night has gone to shit, the people in your field of view are all idiots, and you've got sightlines to a mirror.

  7. Who is dressed up as a ghost? That's not Marek, is it?

  8. Switching gears to "this fucking sucks" before you've even finished laughing at somebody's joke is its own kind of funny.

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