#723 + 724 – to the line

This is where a long-term commitment to fitness really gelled for me: in the moments I was able to set reasonable goals and meet them. Little feels worse in the beginning than giving up; it feels like a betrayal to yourself. Expecting just slightly more than what you know you can do, and hitting it... that's the golden ticket.

3 thoughts on “#723 + 724 – to the line

  1. God there is no emotion comparable to picking out a crack on the sidewalk and deciding that's where you're allowed to go from run to walk. It's not like the best feeling in the world, it's just this wholly unique sensation.

  2. Amen – after my dire no activity period my criteria was basically 'leave the house and walk around the block'. All you have to do to win is show up enough times to make it a habit.

    Also, everything artistically about this one is particularly nice for me. Layout (that panel squash in and stretch out), angles, artwork, that silhouette, the colors.

  3. I've been putting up with plantar fasciitis for months now, but it's finally coming to an end, and I should be able to go back to running in the very near future.

    And it's been a long time since I've looked forward to something so much.

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