#700 + 701 – love is a pretty sweet fruit

Here's where a little hope comes in. We see some evidence that Eve is putting herself in places that foster loneliness, where she can't help but dream about Will and what could be. She's becoming her boss in twisted ways, working too hard on things that don't really matter, to hide from what she can't confront (without any of the benefits of holding stock in a company). Will meanwhile is trying not to be an island, trying to be seen.

"Life's a pretty sweet fruit" I got from a Kids in the Hall sketch.

7 thoughts on “#700 + 701 – love is a pretty sweet fruit

  1. Tonight, the part of "Wisdom Bitch" will be played by Larry Larryson.

  2. The "Kind of Lonely" panel reminds me so much of Shannon Wheeler's works. So good.

  3. One of the visual bits in this comic that tells you everything you need to know about a character is the way Olly has already started to undo his belt before he's actually entered the bathroom.

  4. In the panel where Larry puts on the hat, do those lines on his shorts/underwear mean anything? Is it his fly that simply didn't get drawn in the previous panel? Or has he just gotten really excited about this situation?

    1. haha the former.

  5. I love Larry so much because of this. Bro with a heart of gold.

  6. Larry is the type of person I have imaginary conversations with before remembering I'm alone.

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