#698 + 699 – it couldn’t be like that

It's almost as if the clarity of Larry's relationship is the saddest part of all to Will. At least by Larry's account - and he's fairly convincing - there was no deception, no ulterior motive, no regrets. Could anything be more idyllic? Even Larry's sorrow is beautiful. Does Will even know how to know someone this way? Why is everything so muddy and noncommittal for him? What would it be like to love and lose without fear?

One thought on “#698 + 699 – it couldn’t be like that

  1. Man, I always almost chuckle at the phrase "award winning sex" but panels 8,9,10, and 11 hit me like a freight train everytime.

    Saying so much with so little.

    It's a shitty feeling realizing you were just a fun temporary chaos someone needed in their lives at the time, even if you made some really great memories together.

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