#697 – que pasa

42 thoughts on “#697 – que pasa

  1. In the final panel Will has been replaced by Will-bot. Hopefully no one will notice.

    1. Nah man, that's just "Oh shit the one person in the world I need to see is right here right now and life is going to be OK for at least the next two hours."

      1. trust me, that is basically the first 30 years of my life rendered in one facial expression.

  2. I'd rather look like I cracked an ostrich egg with my face than be that badly sunburned.

  3. theomniscientazurestone


  4. Final panel Will is reminding me of The Peanuts.

    1. Yep! An Will is off in a few minutes, to play his toy piano for Lucy. : )

      1. The pee-coconut is the football!!!

        1. Ha ha ha ha! That’s really, really funny! I’m now imagining Charlie Brown looking at the coconut + going: AAAAAAAHG! 😀

  5. All of the sudden, after the drinks have been consumed, Will starts dancing as if he were back at Charlie Brown's Christmas Dance.

  6. That dopey grin is the most relate-able thing in this aggressively relate-able series. yay for Will!

  7. "Larry's here! I don't have to think! Yisss"

  8. Let us have beer. :]

    I like that last panel a lot, and I don't think he looks like "Will Bot" at all. I guess you'd have to know that feel. That's the "Oh thank god, the one person in my life who is drama free is back around" face.

    1. And maybe just maybe he wants to tell Larry about Eve, and everything going not that bad at all actually? 😀


  10. Eve replaced Will with a pod person, now Larry is next 🙁

  11. I love how happy will is to see his friend. : )

  12. Oh man, Larry has SO much spiritual advising to do.

  13. Larry looks like a hairy burnt potato, and I'm perfectly fine with that. Also, we might need a filler comic with the dating profile pics just to see what business he was up to. In fact, we need a Larry-in-Costa-Rica parallel comic. STAT.

  14. Does "Qe (sic) Pasa" count as a typo/mispelling, or does it cleverly indicate that Larry doesn't really know any Spanish? 😉

    1. Most likely a play on Larry not really know any spanish given the post title is spelled correctly 🙂

    2. I was wondering the same thing!

    3. Well seeing how the title is "que pasa", i believe it's the latter 🙂

  15. I love how Larry looms above the street, like a Brooklyn Paul Bunyan.

  16. Ah the cursed shorts tan-line. Easy to get, nigh impossible to even out.

  17. Larry's tan vanished the instant his skin hit New York air conditioning.

  18. Great chapter, Meredith

    and I love Larry so much

  19. Hah! I've been wanting an Octopus Pie tattoo for awhile. Maybe I'll have to get "Let us have beer" Will! So cute!

  20. Did Larry always have that tattoo?

    1. Pretty sure. I seem to recall it being a talking point (read: he makes up random crap about its significance) when he's picking up girls.

    2. Gahh, yes! Pretty sure it's the one from a past Willarry storyline in which he keeps telling people (& by people I mean the Ladies) it means different things. That is just how insane the attention to detail in this comic is.

      1. Ohmigod. Has "Willarry" always been a thing?

  21. "You crack an ostrich egg with your face?"
    That's an interesting choice of words.

  22. So the Patreon goal was 10 comics per month, we going to get 7 in the next week or so?

    1. There have been 6 updates so far. So yes, in the next week or so I’ll post 4 more. Forgive the slowness, I\’ve been visiting family and moving house!

  23. Let us have beer, you and I :3

  24. Gotta love the fast-fading tan.

    I know I'm not original, but eeeehhh.

    P.S. Gosh wow people were awful about Patreon =O

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