#695 + 696 – reminder: work

Exciting month so far! I'm moving soon within Brooklyn, and it's been hectic but exciting! But there'll be plenty of comics too. Patreon is still climbing! Get to pledgin'!

27 thoughts on “#695 + 696 – reminder: work

  1. Post-coital laundry, post-laundry ice.

    1. The good things in life.

  2. "Reminder Work" = COMEDY GOLD

  3. this page is golden, can’t say how many times I’ve had that surreal feeling from processing the night before, esp with old lovers

    1. "old lovers"

      1. Why yes, that is the thing she said.


  4. Loving the way your art has evolved over time. So much is conveyed with such subtlety…loving it. (BTW, I miss gap-tooth Eve–did she have dental surgery off screen?)

  5. Is Eve… cracking up about having to go to work? Or does she console herself upon waking up for work with some kind of "wacky cat photo a day" thing or some such?

    1. Is she yawning?

      1. Huh. Didn't occur to me, but yes, I suppose it is possible that we are looking at a Yawn of Hilarity there.

    2. I interpreted is as a jaw-cracking yawn.

  6. I love the "shuffle, shift, take" sound effects!
    I also love Will strolling around in his Frenchman-like, striped t-shirt, like he is a happy Gene Kelly, on an "American In Paris"-movie scene. : )

  7. oh jeez that smooch is so adorable

  8. I love how he's just "welp, back to life"

  9. And just like that, something new.

  10. ah the ol' hand on boob in the morning…

  11. This whole storyline has been ridiculously good. Your comics are ridiculously good. God DAMN.

  12. cut to Will in mid-conversation with sad Aimee:
    "I'm sorry"
    "No, I'm sorry"

  13. haha, Will hasn't had a smoke in 24 hours because of his big date.

    1. He's smoking in panel seven, isn't he?

      1. That's how I noticed.

  14. ^^ Eve. Oh, Eve <3

  15. I really love the similar panels of Eve laying awake for a moment and thinking things over, and Will sitting at the laundromat thinking things over. She gives him a smooch, and he grabs an ice. It seems like everything is a-ok! Blalrjkghdg I wonder what's gonna happen next.

    ..man I really want an ice.

    ..also +10 points to Will for making himself a useful lad. GOOD LAD.

  16. I-, I dunno how I feel about this…

  17. The confused waking up face is priceless.
    Gran you're great!

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