#694 – this can just be nice

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57 thoughts on “#694 – this can just be nice

  1. It's happening! It is happening, right?

    1. As an ardent Evill shipper…no probably not. *sigh*

  2. 6th panel, eve’s expression looks like she’s trying to convince herself as much as him. Final panel, totally adorable! I love how playful they are 🙂

  3. Okay, I'm kinda glad that conversation happened. Everyone's on the same page, now and things don't always have to be complicated.


    1. Everyone is on the same page except for Aimee

      1. AMEN. This is cheating, Eve’s aware of it, Will’s aware of it, and I am not okay with it.

  4. Ahhhhhhhhh! (^o^/) I don't know…just…just! Eve! She's changed so much, I just wish she could be with Will, happily.

  5. Eve looks so smug about being the worst. "You know it,baby"

    1. Will has already told Eve either she's the best or the worst at least once haha <3 http://www.octopuspie.com/2011-12-25/501-mega-hur

  6. I always kinda imagine Eve sounding like Fiona from Fiona and Cake.

  7. innocent passerby

    please don't blow up in anyone's face

    who am I kidding

  8. I was just here and it wasn't updated – I just looked! And then BAM! Like Christmas.
    Thanks Mer. I just got done reading through the archives.

  9. Brilliant contrast in how Eve is drawn when she's being entirely sincere in panel three and when she slips back into persona in the subsequent panels.

  10. oh yes, a friendly fuck can't possibly get between him and his girlfriend. Maybe the two of them have an open relationship, but if not damn.
    I mean, I wanted Eve and Will to be together, but he is straight up cheating on her, even if it's just for "fun"

    Lovely comic as usual, the writing is excellent and realistic, as no characters or stories are perfect, and thus the comic wouldn't be as interesting if everyone did the 'right' and moral thing, as a real person's morals aren't so clear or simple.

    1. I was under the impression Will and Aimee have do an open relationship.

      That being said, I doubt that sleeping with someone you've had feeling for is particularly smart.

    2. Frankly, I'm of the opinion that it isn't cheating, until you're married. People get too mad at people for "cheating", when there isn't even a serious commitment going on in the first place. 😛

      1. Then you've obviously never had a real relationship – the kind that leads to long term commitment. What you are talking about is called "casual dating".

      2. Yeah, that's… pretty unhealthy unless you're only casually dating. Once you're seeing one another regularly, it's expected that you discuss any non-standard arrangements with your partner, and if you don't then they are entirely justified in being upset. I mean, even ignoring social norms and expectations, not knowing who your partner is sleeping with can lead to all sorts of issues with STDs or accidental pregnancies.

        1. No, quite to the contrary. I've had two long term relationships. I think if you missed the point of what I'm saying, then you haven't had a relationship that's serious enough to see the gray areas. I think most people get to my POV, when they've either been married, or planned to be married, or gotten as close as you can get to being married (like if you're gay and living in the shitty parts of the world that don't let you get married yet, but otherwise make an agreement that you're basically a married couple). And then at that point, when you've had a relationship that is that serious… you realize how petty almost all of your so-called "serious" dating relationships were, before that point. They don't even come close. Will isn't living with either Aimee OR Eve, which means it's not, by my definition, a serious relationship. If a relationship can be described as "we sometimes hang out and/ or have sex, but then we go away to different lives entirely"… then uh, yeah. Sorry, that's not a relationship where you're obliged to keep up anything, in my opinion. That's a fully open and negotiable-at-any-time relationship.

        2. That implies that any open relationship isn't "serious" or that polyamorous people who get into a relationship treat everyone they know of as "petty"

          I think the reason so many people disagree with your statements is because you sort of imply there's no need for any strong communication in whatever relationship you're in (whether "serious" or not) when within an open relationship it's pretty much the COMPLETE opposite where you need really good and clear communication with your partner to make it work.

          Your words painted a picture of having an argument with someone who felt cheated on and saying, "Well, how can you be mad when there isn't even a serious commitment going on in the first place? :P"

          And this situation isn't unique: There have been so many cases where one person believes them to be in a relationship because "so-and-so" reasons while the other thinks they're only casually dating or not dating at all because they both sort of failed to touch base on where they actually are in their relationship, and they both end up being upset at each other because they weren't mindreaders, or couldn't infer from their vague conversations what they really meant. That's why it's important to talk to your partner to at LEAST no where you stand.

          Also, sometimes people can't handle an open relationship. And that's okay, too! It's a matter of preference, really, and no fault of the person. But for someone like them, it would DEFINITELY be cheating if their partner went around and messed with someone else and their excuse of "What? We aren't MARRIED, now are we?" would be hurtful beyond belief.

          I totally agree that what Will and Eve are doing isn't really cheating, as there is proof that Will and Amiee are in a sort of open relationship with the mentality of "When we're together, we're dating. When we're not, free game!" but I think it's not enough to just leave it at that and never really touch base on it.

    3. They kinda sorta have an open relationship, but it's never really been tested as far as I can remember. Basically I only remember Will saying something to that effect to Hannah a ways back. I don't think we've ever seen her opinion on this, and I don't know if shacking up with a sort-of ex-girlfriend after turning down an invitation to go stay with her for a bit would be received.

      I like Will and Eve, they're my favorite characters, and back when I used to ship them, but for a while now I've felt like it was a bad match for various reasons. I'm pretty ambivalent about how this will work out other than concern over Will's other relationship.

      That said, these last few pages have been extremely well done in terms of the art, writing, and the pacing/flow of the panels.

    4. They have an open relationship (isssh) I believe, but not in a good way. It seems more like Will and Aimee don't know what they are to each other. They are in that gray area where you haven't officially stated you're closed, but no one is doing anything with other people. I don't think they've clarified what's okay and what isn't, which is pretty important in actually open relationships.

      1. it was my impression and states before I think that they were together when she was in town and when she was put of town they were okay to see other ppl. not sure how far that truth stretches to ex significant others tho…

  11. Ok, Meridith, this was so many feels about my life… I unironically want you to win the pulitzer. Really, just take it and stop making re-feel things!"

  12. Oh Eve, you cain't undo this shit. And you're no side dish.

  13. what. WHAT.

  14. i think i liked eve better when she was mean

    1. Right!? She was so awesome when she hated everyone! I think she's just trying to find something…

  15. I'm confused. Is she mistaking his bruises from getting beat up for a buttload of hickies?

  16. Did Will forget that Aimee said she'll come back early? Is he not aware of his own susceptibility to dramatic timing?

  17. ooooooooh meredith gran! omg it's like i want it to happen (and thank GOD IT IS), but i know there will be a following shit show! ooooooh nooooooooo! (though i guess that'll be a storyline too YAY!?!)

  18. … Oh, Eve. Can we talk about how you only ever want Will's ding dong unless it's been made unavailable to you?

    But, ugh, THEM <3

  19. And then his girlfriend walks in when they're fooling around on the couch.

  20. I'm gonna be kinda disappointed if Aimee bursts in 'cause she was so worried about Will she just had to etc etc etc.

    Not because I don't see this ending horribly either way, just that that seems way too cliched.

  21. I had totally forgotten about Will & Aimee's open relationship (http://www.octopuspie.com/2013-03-27/592-an-unwritable-novel/), which Eve knows about (http://www.octopuspie.com/2013-03-29/593-dick-pulp/). So…maybe this is just a bad idea, instead of an indescribably catastrophic one!

    1. OMG thank you for the links. You will never know how long I got lost in the archives trying to remember where exactly the open relationship came up….thinking I'd dreamed it. In reality I was just distracted by DICK PULP.

  22. this warms my heart and makes me sad at the same time. the last panel especially. i want things to work out for them so that they're both okay.

  23. I like where their relationship is going, but I was surprised that Eve didn't say: Will, why do you have more bruises, than the Dallas Cowboys, today?

    1. I was surprised she decided to comment on Aimee rather than address the bruises (or choose to not comment on them?) Her talking about the girlfriend seems to come out of nowhere.

  24. Oh, Eve. y u do dis?

  25. Dramatic twist- it's not Aimee who walks in the door, but that dog from a few strips ago. And then it just starts peeing on everything.

    1. Great idea, kamesen! …But did Aimee tell the dog to do it? Hee hee hee.

  26. Wait, are they? Aren't they? WHAT'S GOING ON

  27. Oh Eve… while I do like the Will/Eve pairing, I feel like they aren’t good for each other in the long run. Their personalities clash; Eve’s going through some changes in her life, and Will doesn’t quite have himself together. This feels like the right thing at the wrong time.

  28. The bad decisions you make in your twenties and thirties keep you entertained in your later decades.

    Not all of them. But enough.

  29. What do you think Will's face in the penultimate panel means?

    1. I think he wants this to be more than "just nice"

  30. And then surprise visit from Aimee, yay! Drama for everyone!

    If this was a porn movie, it would totally become a threesome.

  31. I feel like Will doesn't want just nice and that's the real struggle here. Not Aimee or open-ish relationships but that if he goes through with it, it means a lot more to him than just nice.

  32. I don't think the girlfriend comments are really out of left field… I think that's her way of saying "I'm not trying to engage you in a serious relationship, so I'm not going to hassle you over your drug dealing activities or quiz you over the bruises". Eve has chilled out a lot–I mean, she even smoked pot at some point in the not-too-distant past, which was a little foreshadow-y for this moment.

  33. Aimee walks in, is totally cool about Eve and Will fucking because she's a modern woman in an open relationship, and joins in? CAN'T EVERYONE JUST HAVE SEX AND BE HAPPY WITHOUT SHIT HITTING THE FAN PLEASE?!

  34. I feel like Will's face in panel 7 is asking for it to be more than just 'nice'. I think secretly it is what Eve wants too.

  35. I wanna read this comic forever basically. The story lines, art style and everything are just all perfect. *melts*

  36. …And then Eve screws his feelings up.

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