#688 + 689 – thank you i’m so excited

Hey all, I'm on the west coast for a bit before San Diego Comic Con! It's warm and dry here. I'll be exhibiting there at the Dumbrella booth! It's an island, #1335. There will be original art, prints and books! Come on down and watch me eat a California burrito. The Patreon campaign is doing great so far!! Thanks everybody! It's up past $2000 as of writing this, so there's a still a bit to go before the comic can be in color. Check out the campaign if you'd like to contribute!

43 thoughts on “#688 + 689 – thank you i’m so excited

  1. He agressively peed on that thing too. I think he had some sort of grudge against Coconuts. Or Eve and/or Will specifically.

    1. Decidedly the angriest pee I've seen in recent times.

      1. That's not anger, that is intense focus. He really wanted to nail that pee, and he did.

  2. I get the feeling you are drawing from personal experience… Has Heidi pissed on a coconut once before and now you're scarred for life, Meredith? I'm sure there's a support group for that… We're here for you 🙁

  3. Yeah Will.

    The headbonk was an "accident"

    1. Wow. I totally missed them knocking heads when I 1st read it.

  4. How symbolic.


  6. EVE, you're scarin' the poor guy, take it easy

  7. oh the expressions on that dog, i laughed so hard. first panel is squinty eyed relief, but the second looks like he is determined to do a very thorough job.

  8. I have to believe the reincarnated spirit of Rick James was in that dog. F*ck yo' coconut!

    1. Then, the coconut is the reincarnation of Dave Chapelle's couch?

  9. omg too romantic (V o V ); ; ;

  10. That is totally my dog.

  11. hahaha that coconut pee sure was funny now let's make out

  12. Ooh machete Machete can open cocunt Can eat coconut Oops Dog pee on coconut Ha ha It okay Machete can open dog Can eat dog

    1. Yer sense of humor and syntax is in line with mine. I approve of your summary. Yessss.

  13. Eve in panel ten, ohmigosh.

  14. Now kiss.

  15. I feel like Eve's on a totally different level now and Will's doing his awkward best to keep up.

    1. Yeah he looks nervous more than anything.

  16. I feel like the last three panels on their own should be a print, lol

  17. *smirk* THAT's not how I thought this coconut story would end. Heeheheehee.

  18. Vindictive dog is vindictive

  19. Is Eve going a bit Marigold?

  20. Holy shit that sixth panel. So intense.

    That dog WILL own that coconut!

  21. That looks like a lot of piss for such a small dog.

    Then again, it could be a dachshund. Surprisingly large bladders, I'd know.

    Also, not a big deal, there are like, layers of peel before you get to the nut. Just splash it a bit and it's good as new. :V


  23. That pee was the fukkin shit.

    1. You beautiful bastard

  24. Hahaha oh god, that dog looks so angry while peeing in the 6th panel. xD

  25. Yes. Oh god yes.

    I really REALLY hope Eve is being genuine here, and not just trying to pass off as being chill no matter what, because it is the BEST THING EVER.


  26. *peeing intensifies*

  27. Silly dog thinks he's making Sno-cones!

  28. "Just markin' muh territory…"

  29. Is it still edible? I mean coconuts are pretty thick. Or does the pee get absorbed like a sponge and imprint on it for eternity.

  30. ah yes im caught up now
    and of course the page is with aggresiive peeing. perfect comic 10/10 😛

  31. Ahhhhhhh! I'm not sure whether this is totally awesome…or totally sucks! I've been wanting this to happen between Will & Eve…just not like this!! >.<

  32. Goddamn it I was literally about to take a sip of my tea when that dog started pissing on that coconut and I have hot tea all over my groin ow ow ow ha ha dammit.

  33. This is quite possible the longest I've laughed at a comic, and I REALLY needed a laugh tonight. Thank you =)

  34. Just rinse it off.

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